Andy Griffiths Writing Challenge #4

Andy Griffiths, the author of Just Crazy, Just Tricking, Zombie Bums from Uranus and The 13-storey Treehouse, has just released his book about writing, called Once Upon a Slime.  In this very cool book he gives lots of tips about writing and some activities to help you become a better writer.  You’re probably looking for something to do in the holidays so why not try an Andy Griffiths writing challenge.

In the box below there is a writing challenge from Andy’s book, Once Upon a Slime.  Why not try it out and post your writing here on the blog.  Just post your piece of writing as a comment at the end of this post, along with your name and email address.  At the end of the week we’ll choose our favourite piece of writing and the author will win a prize pack of goodies from Typo.

50-word Pet Story

Tell a story about – or describe – a pet you have owned (or would LIKE to own) in exactly 50 words.  See how much of your pet’s personality you can convey in those 50 precious words.

It may help to write the story first and then subtract any words that aren’t strictly essential until you have 50.  Your title can be any length.

For more great writing ideas check out Andy Griffiths’ new book, Once Upon a Slime.

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    Hi Zac!!

    What’s your email address?!?

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      zackids said,

      Hi Josiah. You just need to email the Christchurch Kids Blog address on the right hand side of the page.

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    Tierney said,

    Here is my entry for the 50-word pet story challenge. It’s fun trying to make your work exactly the right length!


    Five foot tall,
    emerald green,
    my dog Angus is
    easily seen.
    Neighbours complain
    when they lose
    their mail;
    it blows away because
    our Angus
    constantly wags his tail.
    His puppy fat
    is so much that
    I carry him in a wagon.
    Everyone’s scared,
    because they think
    Angus is a dragon!

  3. 4

    Ella said,

    Phew, this was a little hard to think up exactly 50 words, but it was still really fun!


    Golden gold,
    wagging tail
    spoilt rotten
    steals the mail!
    Sniffing this,
    sniffing that,
    finding the scent
    of a dirty rat!
    Snoozing by the fire,
    where it’s nice and hot
    jumps up barking,
    when he hears a knock!
    Wet pink tongue,
    big brown eyes,
    and big happy grin,
    that doesn’t lie.

  4. 5

    Bailey said,

    Hi, I am Bailey this is my entry.


    Once we cared for a baby hedgehog called Spike. He was found in the garden. He had cute, beady eyes and sharp teeth. He loved chicken cat food. He was very speedy, and liked doing roly-polys. Soon he didn’t eat anything, and one night he died. I was very sad.

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