Meet our June Star Author – Leonie Agnew

Our fantastic June Star Author is New Zealand author, Leonie Agnew.  Leonie is the author of the award-winning and very funny Super Finn.  She has worked, a primary school teacher, and is currently the University of Otago College of Education Creative New Zealand Children’s Writer in Residence. She owns a ridiculous amount of children’s books and could start her own library. She loves dogs, kids, chocolate and writing her own bio, because she gets to talk about herself in the third person without sounding ridiculous.

Thanks for joining us Leonie!  We’re looking forward to hearing all about your books and your writing.

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    Ella said,

    Hi Leonie,

    You probably don’t remember me, but I meet you at the Storylines festival in Christchurch, last year.
    You were at an Author table along with Melinda Szymanik and a few other authors. You and Melinda, kindly signed my author autograph book. While you were signing my autograph book, you asked me what I liked to write and when I said poetry, you started to tell me about this man, who came into this writing competition and just sat down and wrote a poem. I can’t remember if you said he won or not, but he went on to be a famous poet.
    Basically, he was at the bottom and he made his way to the top.
    It just goes to show, that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your star author posts! 🙂


    • 2

      starauthor said,

      Um Ella, I just replied to your message but it popped up at the bottom of the list. This is an experiment to see if it happens again. I don’t want you to miss it and think I ignored your message.
      So here goes …

  2. 3

    Tierney said,

    Hi Leonie, I’m looking forward to your posts! Thank you for being the star author this month- I can’t wait to chat with you about writing!

  3. 4

    starauthor said,

    Hi Tierney.

    Glad you’re looking forward to my posts. I’d better say something useful and vaguely interesting … hmm, the pressure is on!

    • 5

      starauthor said,

      Hello Ella –

      Goodness me. Sounds like I said something useful! Please take my advice and become wildly famous at poetry, novel writing, home baking or whatever. I can then take credit for encouraging you, ask for 15% of your profits and bask in the reflected glory of your achievements… you won’t mind, will you?


  4. 6

    Vanessaccl said,

    Check out our interview with Leonie for more interesting infornation about her.

  5. 7

    Anonymous said,

    Hi miss Agnew this is Enzo I like your book

    • 8

      Leonie said,

      Enzo, you were always a boy with excellent taste. Clearly you are highly intelligent as well. Ahem. (No, I’m blushing really.)

      Glad you like it! :-p

  6. 9

    Anonymous said,

    hi miss agnew. do you remember me. its mazelle. i miss you sooooo much. hope to see you soon

    • 10

      Leonie said,

      Hi Mazelle – or is it … Cinderblack? (Remember I gave you the start in your movie career. You, Eomer and the rest can thank me in your Oscar Award winning speeches.)
      Of course I remember you. Everyone keeps asking that. I have not been hit on the head and lost my memory. I remember you perfectly Marybeth. I mean, Maryanne. I mean … sorry who are you again? :-p
      Hope to see you all again, too.

  7. 11

    Anonymous said,

    hi miss agnew its mazelle here. do you remember me? i miss you sooooo much. hope to see you again.

    • 12

      mikayla said,

      hi miss agnew its mikayla here do you remember me well…………do you?????please come and visit us!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • 13

      Leonie said,

      Okay … I definitely answered this one already. Check and see 🙂

  8. 15

    Anonymous said,

    Hello Miss Agnew this is Jade I LOVE your books!

    • 16

      Leonie said,

      Jade – my running superstar! (Actually you were an all round super star from memory. How can one person have so many talents??) Have I replied to you yet? I’m getting confused, there’s so many messages. I hope I haven’t missed anyone out. Let me know if I do!

  9. 17

    Anonymous said,

    Hi Miss Agnew!!
    You know its me…..Maria from your old school!!! Missing you so much and i’m loving your books!!! ❤ Still looking fab as always and you will always be my AWESOME teacher 😉

    • 18

      Leonie said,

      Helloooo Maria! You always were a gem. And you still are! One question, Sam also made reference to a 3 – what does it mean?? Are talking in code? Why didn’t anyone teach me the code? I need to buy myself a code handbook …

  10. 19

    mikayla said,

    good luck u rock!!!

    • 20

      Leonie said,

      Thank you Mikayla!

      Are you still a reading superstar? That’s how I remember you – actually that whole class was chocca with reading geniuses. Go forth and conquer the libraries of the world, my old room 4s …
      And it’s always nice to know that I rock 🙂

  11. 21

    Anonymous said,

    Hi Miss Agnew its Jack are you coming soon? cool book.

  12. 22

    Anonymous said,

    Hello Miss Agnew!!!
    You may remember me (hopefully) but its your awesome student (and always will be) I’m SO HAPPY that you are June Star!!!! You always inspire me in many different ways! I can not wait till I see you again ;)!
    P.S: I’m turning 11 tomorrow!
    By Maria

    • 23

      Leonie said,

      Happy Birthday Maria! Exciting times. What a lovely message – all sparkly and silvery words. You shine like a star. IN fact, I had so many stars in Room 4 I could start my own constellation.
      Hope you have a great birthday and eat lots of bad food and get some fabulous presents.

      • 24

        Maria said,

        Thanks Miss Agnew!! I got my Hogwarts letter also Mrs Willcock is leaving 😦 IM SO SAD

  13. 25

    Anonymous said,

    Hi Miss Agnew, it’s me Hennessey Catayas, hehehehe. I miss you so much and I hope you’re having fun and I hope to see you soon. 🙂

    • 26

      Leonie said,

      Hi Hennessy – nice to see you! Well, I can’t actually see you. So it’s nice to hear from you. Wait, I can’t hear you either.

      Um, it’s nice to read you? That doesn’t SOUND right! Wait, I can’t hear my words, I’m writing them … oh, I’m sooo confused. 🙂

      Hope to see you all again soon.

      • 27

        Hennessey Catayas said,

        Hahaha, I hope to see you soon too :). Bad news though- MRS WILLCOCK IS LEAVING US!!!

      • 28

        Hennessey Catayas said,

        Aaaand I got my Hogwarts letter too hehehehe 😉 haha me, Maria and Olivia are shopping at Diagon Alley together soon 🙂

  14. 29

    Anonymous said,

    Hi Miss Agnew, it’s Hennessey I like your blog and I hope to see you soon. I can’t wait to see you when you visit

    • 30

      Leonie said,

      Glad you like the blog. I really ought to write another post … yes, hmmm, I might do that.

  15. 31

    Maria :) said,

    Hello Miss Agnew,
    You may remember me (hopefully) but I am your AWESOME student Maria!! I am ALWAYS inspired in your work and will NEVER forget you. Just remember to keep emailing me photos and messages to show the class!
    From Maria
    P.S: I’m turning 11 tomorrow!! 🙂

  16. 32

    Hennessey said,

    Hi hi Miss Agnew. Miss you soooooooo much GURL hahahaha. Hope you can visit soon 🙂

  17. 33

    Hennessey said,

    You are a great author 😉

  18. 34

    lars said,

    hi miss Agnew old room 4 misses you and your the best teacher we ever had
    . Lars

  19. 36

    lars said,

    oh and try to visit us sometime we miss you 😦

  20. 37

    Anonymous said,

    To Miss Agnew
    hey!!!!! its me Jennifer.
    i know just yesterday i blogged to you but Mrs Willcock asked me to blog again so im blogging again
    so here is my questions

    how many books have you made from the last time you where at SMCPS
    do you miss the kids you meet at SMCPS
    where are you now
    have you made any new friends
    what do you do in your spare time
    are you enjoying your job

    • 38

      Leonie said,

      Okay, now I’m worried. I can’t see this other post from yesterday … but they are popping up in a random order. I hope I don’t miss anyone. Maybe start sending messages on the latest post instead of this one. The computer doesn’t know what to do with you all!

      But to answer your questions:
      (I’m working on 2 brand new ones and finishing 4 or 5 old ones. I lose count.)
      I miss all the kids because I’m only human.
      I am in Dunedin! But not for much longer. I love it here!
      I have made new friends, especially at the University where I have an office to write in, and other children’s writers have been very friendly.
      Spare time … well I do cools tuff around Dunedin. I’ve been to see the giant albatrosses, seals, penguins, New Zealand’s only castle and the lantern parade. You guys would LOVE the lantern festival. Kids make their own lanterns and walk in a circle in the centre of town. I might post a photo. There’s bands and fireworks afterwards. Seriously guys, this is a COOL town. The only thing I haven’t done is see the chocolate factory but I will. Oh yes, I will.

      By the way, how are you Jennifer! You left me early last year – I hope your holiday was fabulous. You were the craft-queen of room 4. We never would’ve gotten such a good price for our class art without your help and … where’s Sophia? Say hi to her for me! Or tell her to blog 🙂 My June blogging on this site ends Sunday, of course because July is right around the corner.

  21. 39

    Leonie said,

    WAIT!!! Maria – I don’t know I missed this but I did. You got a HOGWARTS letter for your 11th birthday?? You’re leaving us all for a school of magic that may or may not be in Scotland?

    Wow. Your childhood is way may more exciting than mine ever was – sigh.

  22. 40

    Leonie said,

    Oh and Hennessey and Lars – I see I missed your last messages too. I think the computer thought it was being spammed and then spat them back out.

    How rude. There’s no need for spitting.

    Anyway, thank you for all the compliments – if I get anymore I’ll have to declare my big head as excess baggage when I return home from Dunedin. Lars – hello! You too are making mysterious references to a 3 and you added a * – what does it ALL mean??

    My life is plagued by mystery,

  23. 41

    janine said,

    Hey Lars, your current teacher can. Read this tooooo!!!!!! ha ha

  24. 42

    Leonie said,

    LOL – Don’t worry Janine, I’m pretty sure Lars was the one I had to reassure that the world wasn’t ending if you left – ha! (There’s been a lot of messages, I think that’s in the other list, somewhere.) You see he was referring to me in the past tense, but you’re still in the present 🙂

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