Okay, today I talked to the coolest kids ever. They know who they are. That’s good because I can’t remember the name of their group … don’t take it personally. I have holes in my memory. (Nothing I can’t fix with a piece of blue tack and tissue paper. Although I’m not sure that medical procedure is legal in New Zealand.)

Anyway, there were all home schooled.

Lucky bunnies. They seemed so intelligent and SO well read, I’ve decided to become home schooled myself. That’s right, from now on I will read at home, write at home, check my dictionary in the living room, organise projects on my computer in the bedroom … oh wait, I already do that. Hear that guys? I already AM home schooled. I’m one of you!

Well, sort of.

Tomorrow I visit George Street Normal in Dunedin. They also seem very cool but let me tell you – they have a LOT to live up to!

Okay, I’d better go and write something. It’s expected. I could do something different … but publishers don’t want misshaped pottery bird baths or hand knitted jumpers with three arms and no hole for a head. They just don’t.

Guess I’d better write something, instead.

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    Anonymous said,

    Hi Miss Agnew, It’s one of your old students Hennessey Catayas, please remember me haha, it’s okay if you don’t :). I hope you’re enjoying yourself over there. We all miss you over here and your teaching helped me a lot 🙂

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      Leonie said,

      Hello Hennessey,

      How did I miss the post? Well, I’m saying hi now! Thanks for all the smiley faces. You were a fabulous student – teaching kdis like you is fun!

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        Leonie said,

        Oops, I sent that before I proof read it. See? What have I always told my class about proof reading? If only I would listen to myself more often :-p

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