Well …

Err …

Yes, I’ve lost my words.

Sometimes this happens. Maybe they’ve fallen down the back of the chair or rolled under the bed. Either way they’re missing. It’s a little hard writing a story without them.

So here it is …  I’m offering a REWARD. (No, don’t get excited, I’m a penniless author. You will be repaid in good wishes and smiles from afar. And you can’t take that to the bank, trust me. The lady behind the counter will look at you funny and push the little red button under her desk. In case you’re unsure, that’s a very bad thing.)

So, if you find my missing words, let me know. I expect they’re trying to start sentences somewhere, hoping to rally enough troops for an adventure.  I just hope they’re not getting mixed up with numbers. It only leads to trouble. Those wayward numbers lead them astray, whispering things like – ‘hey, hang out with us. We’ll make you into chapter!’

But they’re not ready for the big time. They’re too small and need time to grow. They can’t even tie their own shoes, they’re still using Velcro . Oh for the love of all that is good – little words come back! Let me take care of you!


I may be a tad dramatic. Today was a slow writing day and my brain feels like porridge. Yesterday was good. Tomorrow will be better. At least, it will be once I’ve laid out the word trap and hunted down my best ideas. Perhaps they’re lurking in the garden shed? I could lure them out using M&Ms, just like that scene in the ET moves … yes, I’ll tip-toe out there now. They’ll never see me coming.

Unless they read my blog.

No, of course not. That’s ridiculous. And I wouldn’t want to get ridiculous, would I?


Leonie Agnew

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