Star Author Won’t Stop Complaining

I’m exhausted.

It’s been a big week.

First we had the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards. I bit my nails all night. I cheered at the laptop screen. I booed when my internet connection went down and I was forced to throw marshmallows in frustration. Then I had to clean them up, including the one I stood on. I had to scrape that puppy.

See? Exhausting. No one knows how I’ve suffered.

Anyway, it was so DIFFICULT trying to decide who was best. I completely wore myself out thinking about it. Everyone was genuinely fantastic, although I’d like to give a Star Author’s shiny Gold Star to Red Rocks. I will never look at New Zealand seals in quite the same way … please read it! Unless you already have, in which case … read it again!

So where was I? Oh yes. Tired. Doom with a hint of gloom. Darkness with lashings of despair, faintly offset by maniacal laughter from a ruined castle.

You get the idea, right?

And then the Carnegie winner was announced. I really must read Maggot Moon. So I added that to my list, right next to Wonder which is clearly an amazing read. The effort of picking up that pen, finding my list, using valuable calories to scribble down letters … you can see my life is difficult. Of course now I’m forced to buy more books, knowing that nothing I write will compare … oh, woe.

Sick of me yet?

I am.

So let’s change the tone.

I saw the light on Wednesday and became ESCTATIC. Yes, skyping those home school kids put me in a good mood. And then I went to George Street Normal School and they did another fabulous job at lifting my spirits. They were friendly, asked good questions and they even remembered my name. Life was peace, love and jellybeans.

However the biggest boost came from Wednesday night. I got to chat with librarians about BOOKS at UBS in Dunedin! (I’m not joking, that really is my idea of a good time. It’s not swinging from the chandeliers, but it makes for great conversation and no one gets cuts on their fingers.) I also got to chat with fabulous illustrators David Elliot and Robyn Belton. They talked about their work, Robyn showed us her art, I explained that I couldn’t draw stick figures and everyone laughed  – well, no. They were very kind. But I suspect they were smiling on the inside.

Anyway, it’s been a great week. And I’ve been blogging you, fabulous people! So life is good.

There, I’ve stopped complaining. You’ve cured me.

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