The Last Post

Okay, it’s goodbye from me. My new website went up this weekend, so feel free to take a peek  –

Well, it’ s been fun!

By the way, I see Nanny Piggins is the giveaway this week. I’ll be on tour soon with the author, as part of the Storylines Tour. I picked up a copy and it is FUNNY. Too funny. I don’t know how we’re going to manage in that small bus. I’ll be sending jealous glares in her direction every ten seconds. I may have to shield my face with a book. Trouble is it will be a copy of Nanny Piggins, which kind of deflates my point. Oh well.

Hope you guys have put your name in the draw, it’s not too late.

Soooo … that’s it from me.

Happy Reading!


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    Tierney said,

    Hi Leonie,

    Thank you so much for being our Star Author. I’ve loved reading your very funny posts. I can’t wait to look at your new website, too!
    Thank you very much for giving that Skype talk too! (I was the one in the red coat.) It was so much fun talking to you!

  2. 2

    Leonie said,

    Ah – the girl in the red coat! Thanks, it was fun talking to you too. I’m also really glad you’re making comments. It makes the star author’s job so much easier! Do me a favour, Tierney? Encourage the other home schoolers and your friends to read Heather’s July blog and make comments! They’ll all have fun and it will make Heather’s time on the blog EXTRA fun.

    Happy reading Tierney! Always glad to meet a book lover like you!

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