The challenge of poetry

I’ve been learning a lot about writing poetry lately and have set myself a challenge of composing one a week. It is quite a different process to writing a novel!

While writing a novel is a bit like having a movie running in my head, a poem is very different. It’s not even like a still photo. It’s smaller and more refined even than that. It’s capturing a moment or a feeling and distilling it down to just a scent or a colour and then showing that with words.

I have found it very hard work and have very few poems where I can sit back and go “that’s it” yet.

 Writing this has reminded me that my first book Mind over Matter started with a poem and developed into a book. I wonder if any of the poems I have now will do that!

When Mind Over Matter was being published my publisher asked me to write a poem to start the second act. I had about 24 hours before the book went to the printers. Talk about pressure!

I was very pleased with the poem that bubbled up to introduce Glia.:

In Hadal zones where light won’t reach

where darkness starts

where eyes don’t seek

where particles and tiny specks

mingle in the murky deep

 came the beginning of something new.

A scratch, a twirl,

a pearl, it grew.

A treasure hidden.

We never knew.

Do you write poems?


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