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Hi all
I write children’s non-fiction books on a lifestyle block in North Auckland. For the next month, I’m going to share what I get up to, as a full-time writer.

I have two teenage children so as soon as they disappear on the bus I’m tapping away at the keyboard either on a freelance writing project (I’m currently doing a big writing project for Girl Guides) or writing my own books (a follow-on from New Zealand Hall of Fame, and a digitally enhanced book). I’ll also be promoting a new book of mine that is fresh out in the shops and libraries today so do look out for it. It is called ‘Running the Country‘ – all you ever wanted to know about what those politicians are doing at the Beehive, how you vote, your rights, along with caricatures by Malcolm Evans, a timeline that goes throughout the book on the political history of New Zealand and other interesting stuff.

Tomorrow, I head off to the New Zealand Family History Fair at the Vodafone Centre in Manukau to talk to Intermediate and High School students about my research process. Now, some of you might yawn at the thought of doing research but I love it. It’s like being a detective; finding clues and doggedly staying on the trail until I find what I want. I’ll be sharing how I’ve overcome research problems with them.

On Saturday, I’m speaking at the Bookrapt Conference in Tauranga along with children’s authors’ Lynley Dodd and Chris Gurney. I’m talking about why New Zealand children’s non-fiction books are important and how we could celebrate them.

On Monday, I fly to Wellington for the LIANZA awards. I’ll put on my best frock and catch up with other shortlisted authors and illustrators who have travelled from all over the country for the award ceremony. My book ‘Eruption! Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes’ has been nominated along with Te Papa’s book ‘100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa’ and Ned Barraud and Gillian Candler’s book ‘At the Beach’.

On Wednesday, I’m visiting school children at Goodwood School in Cambridge. They’re studying sustainability so I’ll be sharing my environment books with them. I’m taking my puppets (I have 20 of them) for kids to act out just how vulnerable our native birds are (yes, you guessed it they’re native bird and predator puppets).

I’ll be home for a few days so I’ll catch up with you again then. I’ll tell you a few tales and share what I’m doing with the Storyline Festivals around the country. (Check out where they are on http://www.storylines.org.nz )

Ka kite ano

Maria Gill

www.mariagill.co.nz (see inside my books on this website)


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    Tierney said,

    Hi Maria,

    I’m so excited about having you as the August Star Author!
    That’s cool about the predator puppets and the bird puppets. Is one of the predators a possum? Even though possums are cute they really are menaces.
    I’ve read your New Zealand Hall of Fame- it was excellent! How did you choose who would make the Hall and who wouldn’t? When doing research did you get to interview any of the people?

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