Lauren Child talks about Ruby Redfort

Lauren Child is the author of the fantastic Ruby Redfort series.  If you like action, adventure and mystery stories, check out the Ruby Redfort books in the library.

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    Rebecca said,

    The Ruby Redfort books are AWESOME I have three of them and have read two of them. I would definitely recommend them to read. I realised how Ruby Redfort is the chracter Clarice Bean the chracter in the clarice bean series absoulotely loves.

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    Anonymous said,

    I LOVE Ruby Redfort books! Everyone should read them!

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      Rebecca said,

      I know I can’t wait to read the brand new one!

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        zackids said,

        Funny you should say that Rebecca. I have a copy of the brand new one that has your name on it. Just send us an email and I’ll post it out to you 🙂 Zac

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    Rebecca said,

    Thanks again heaps.

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