What’s your favourite place to read?

Jacob reads at the beachThe Summertime Reading Club is on now and throughout the Summer holidays you have lots of chances to win on the Christchurch Kids Blog. Each week we’ll have a competition that you can enter to win book vouchers from PaperPlus, one of our fantastic sponsors. Did you know that you get a $5 PaperPlus voucher when you’ve completed your reading log?

Our last competition for the Summertime Reading Competition is the funnest! Just leave a comment on this post, or submit a video or picture telling (or showing) us ‘Your favourite place to read’.  Make sure you put your name and your email address or phone number so that we can contact you if you win. We’ll draw one lucky kid who will win a $40 PaperPlus voucher. So get commenting and you’ll be in to win. If you’d like to send us a picture or video, you can email it to competition@christchurchcitylibraries.com Competition closes Thursday 23 January 2014.

Thanks to everyone who entered our Summertime Reading Club competitions here on the Kids Blog.  The winner of this week’s competition is Laura.  We thought we would also share Ewen’s favourite place to read too:


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    Laura said,

    My favourite place to read is at home on my big brown comfy couch that has a window behind it so it lets lots of light in. I love to snuggle up with lots of blankets and my dog, Louie on it, on rainy days.

    Thank you for the chance to enter this competition! 🙂

    -Laura 🙂

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    Ewen said,

    My favourite place to read is on the steps, by the veranda at home (especially when it’s sunny-even though I get told off for being under the sun all the time!) . It’s really bright and has a great view.
    You can hear birds and the rustle of trees, adding to the quality of the book. It is like knocking on the book of nature’s door!


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    reardonhs said,

    In the cupboard under the stairs, along with the vacuum cleaner and a slater called Gerry. I feel like Harry Potter sometimes…but I don’t think he had a pet slater. I read with a torch because the lighting is terrible. But I like it. Because there are no annoying sisters.

    -Bailey Reardon, age 10

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    reardonhs said,

    My favourite place to read is inside a tent on a cold rainy night, so I can snuggle up inside my sleeping bag with Itch by Simon Mayo.

    Luka Reardon, age 12.

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