Ideas are everywhere

I’m sitting here at lunch time in the library surrounded by thousands of books and wondering what they all have in common. And do you know what it is. It’s an idea!

They all had an author who started off with an idea and poked and prodded that idea until it became a story.  I suspect that some ideas took lots of pushing and shoving to get just right, while some ideas might have been a little easier to form. However,  I can almost guarantee that each and every author, when they finally sat down to write, wrote their story idea over and over until it was just the way it needed to be.  A story ripe and juicy just waiting for you to read.

That’s fine, I hear you say, but where do authors get their ideas? They get ideas anywhere and everywhere. Things people say and do, the night sky, a wintery cold night, the smell of popcorn cooking are just a few things to think about when you are wanting ideas. I know that I get ideas from silly things that happen at school. Once we had a teacher who was very embarrassed  when his wife popped in to class with his lunch after he had left it at home on the bench. I thought this was so funny I turned that idea into a play and it was published in the School Journal. I had to change things of course or I would get in to trouble but it just shows you that ideas really are everywhere.

What ideas will you have today? Just make sure you write them down in a notebook so you don’t forget and let a good story get away.

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