Book launch last night for Canterbury Quake

cake(2)Wow! What can I say? Last night was such a wonderful night with friends, librarians and teachers all sharing in the launch of Canterbury Quake. There was plenty of food and a very special cake which was very yummy. I still feel full up from all that eating.

It felt very strange to be signing books for customers but in the best way.

This has inspired me to want to write even more and if you want to be pampered and spoiled then get out your pen and paper and start writing. You never know where it might lead you.

Writing is such a solitary business; you sit at your desk typing away or scrawling notes on paper. When your poem, story or book is published, suddenly you have to be out there meeting people and it is fantastic.

Being a librarian and a writer is having the best jobs in the world. Check out the cake – isn’t it superb?

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