The lure of mystery

Hi everyone – I’ve been looking forward to being your March author.

Do you like mystery?

I do. Growing up, my favourite book series was The Three Investigators. I longed to discover this gang was real and join them as investigator number four –  I mean, they really did need a girl.

I also loved those mysteries you have to solve yourself, like the Encyclopedia Brown stories – except I got impatient and looked up the answers. Then I’d feel angry at myself and try to brainwash myself into believing I’d worked them out on my own.

ImageThe stories I love writing are also mysterious ones. The Fly Papers is full of mystery.

Another series I’m working on is The Owl Kids. It’s for a magazine called Wild Things and has wonderful illustrations by Adele Jackson. (Like the one on the left right!ahem, 45 years old and I still get my left and right mixed up sometimes.)

I’ll talk more about it soon, but you can read the first episode here – and solve the first of its mysteries.

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    Lisa said,

    I LOVE Encyclopedia Brown! Cam Jansen too. Mysteries are the best!

  2. 2

    starauthor said,

    Oh, I’ve never read the Cam Jansen books! Thanks for mentioning them, Lisa. I’ll have to hunt some out. 🙂 – Johanna

    • 3

      Lisa said,

      She has a photographic memory and there is a picture in each story that helps you solve it. There are the original stories as well as some easy-learning-to-read ones released more recently.

  3. 4

    starauthor said,

    Hmm … that sounds right up my alley! Thanks Lisa!

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