As my blog turns into a pumpkin …

It’s two minutes to midnight on March 31! My time as March author is about to run out.

I’m sad to say goodbye, but on the bright side, this happened today:



Nothing makes a fan of carnivorous plants (or any plants!) happier than a box like that on their doorstep.

When I opened it, one sarracenia pitcher plant was desperate to get out.


Now the whole boxload are making themselves at home where they’ll catch plenty of flies for us.



These magnificent plants, by the way, are all from a marvellous and very experienced Christchurch carnivorous plant grower by the name of Ross Taylor. (Maybe you’ve visited his nursery?)

Okay, the computer’s squawking midnight … My finery is about to turn to turn to rags. (Oh wait, I was wearing rags anyway.)

I’m hanging out to see who the April author is …

All the best!

Johanna xoxox


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  1. 1

    Ella said,

    Thanks for being the March Star Author, Johanna! 🙂

    Your posts were really fun and interesting to read!

    And… *checks* …nope. The blog didn’t turn into a pumpkin. 😉

    Johannarella (?) lives on to write books and look after her carnivorous plants! 😀 (Erk, that was bad… >.< )

    Good luck with your future writing (and carnivorous plants, of course 😉 )!


  2. 3

    Tiff Stewart said,

    Bye Johanna! Has been great to hear the other side of the magazine making process…see you soon!

  3. 5

    Johannaknox said,

    Thanks Tiff – they are pretty spectacular, these ones!

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