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Hello, me again. So … hands up those of you who still have at least one Easter egg left. What? No one? How about a bit of an Easter egg. No? Not even a tiny smidgeon of chocolate?

Me neither. My husband, Michael, hasn’t even started his yet, and has put it on display in the kitchen just to annoy the rest of us. He is the only one in our house who can resist chocolate – and I’m including our very own Easter bunny, Tog, in that list.


Now I know chocolate isn’t what your vet would recommend you should feed your rabbit. Pizza probably isn’t a good idea, either. Or cake. But before you start feeding Moro bars to your bunnies, we do only give him the occasional nibble. Most of the time he’s eating carrots and bunny food and – oh yes – my garden.



Tog is a free-range bunny. When he was a baby, he broke his leg. He looked kind of ridiculous and cute at the same time with his leg in a bright blue plaster cast. It was the middle of winter, so the vet told us to keep him inside while he was recovering.


It’s not just cats that enjoy a warm fire

During that time we house-trained him. Yes! You can train a bunny to poop politely. It wasn’t exactly as we’d have liked. We put a tray in a hidden corner of the living room, but he didn’t like it there. No, he wanted his tray in front of the TV. We had a mini-battle, which he won. His tray has been in front of the TV ever since.

By the time he was better we were so used to having him around the house we decided to see if the whole free-range thing would work. The first few times we let him into the garden we followed him around, waiting for him to try and tunnel his way out under the fence, or make a break for it when someone opened the garden gate. But it never happened. Eight years on and he has the run of the house and garden, only going in his hutch at night.

He’s the friendliest bunny in the world, I reckon. When someone comes through the gate he’ll run up to them, then escort them to the front door. I find it hard not to laugh when I answer the door to a stranger, like a courier, and see Tog sitting at their feet. Some visitors think it’s lovely; others just look confused. Oh yes, and he plays football. No really, he does!

Tog has become quite famous in our neighbourhood. My children took him to their primary school every Easter, where he would preside over dishing out eggs, and he was the main attraction at the school’s Business Day on the ‘Pet the Rabbit’ stall.


School Business Day – 50 cents a cuddle


Hare and make-up (geddit?)













Party animal

My children are now at high school, and Tog remains a firm favourite with their friends. At my son’s 16th birthday party (movie and pizza), Tog stared through the glass doors of the living room until someone let him in, then sat on the sofa watching the movie with them, nibbling pizza crusts.

One concern we had at letting him roam free in the garden was the local cats. Cats = predators; rabbits = prey, right? Apparently not. When new neighbours on one side brought with them a cat called Random, we went on high alert. When she first appeared in our garden I shot out to stand guard. However, Tog ran up to Random, somehow said, in his silent rabbity way, ‘Hi new neighbour, wanna be my friend?’ and so it was. They hang out together; favourite place is side by side on our front deck.


Tog and his BFF, Random

There was a cat on the other side too, Leo. Whereas Random is his garden friend, Leo would come into the house to say hi.

Leo sadly left, and we have a new neighbour cat now, but we have seen her in the garden only once. She took one look at Tog and shot back over the fence. We haven’t seen her since.


Tog and Leo

I’ve enjoyed telling you all about Tog. Do you have a funny story about your pet? Leave a comment if you do! See you next time!

PS Did I mention we have mice, too? Here are Pam and Maisy having fun in my daughter’s dolls house.


“Aw, do we really have to go back in our cage?”


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    Hehe, this made me laugh 😀

    Our family has a dog who is convinced he is a reincarnation of The Princess and the Pea. He HAS to have at least 2 pillows underneath him before he feels comfy, and he thinks it’s necessary to nap on every sofa and soft chair in the house each day. I swear he thinks he’s a human (a very vain, stuck up and naughty one at that).

    We always think that WE are in charge of our pets, but most of the time I think it’s the opposite. In our house, it definitely is the opposite 😉

    Great post, Sue!

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