Can maths ever be fun? With Britannica SmartMath Practice it can!

Cover of Britannica SmartmathsWhen I was a child they made you stand up in front of class and recite your times tables. It was horribly scary and did not make me look forward to maths class! The idea was that possible embarassment in front of your peers would make you learn – and it did! There are though less terrifying ways to learn math. Let me introduce you to Britannica SmartMaths Practice which aims to help in all areas of maths using games, activities, quizzes and your own make believe character. It covers topics such as:

  • Numbers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and percentages;
  • Shape and Space: curves, angles, quadrilaterals, triangles, circles and symmetry;
  • Algebra: elementary and complex equations;
  • Measures: length and distance, time, money, perimeter, area, volume and speed;
  • Data Handling: pictograms, block graphs, charts, statistics, probability, coordinate geometry.

It is aimed at those aged 6-14 years of age and so covers a variety of levels. You pick what level you are comfortable at. No need for public embarassment. You can even earn badges and points that can be used to choose a different character to cheer you on. I don’t think maths would have been half as traumatic if I could have worked my way through a bright happy place such as this. Have a play with SmartMaths – you will be amazed at how quickly you will learn without even meaning to!

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