Top three questions kids ask me about writing

Hi all,

I’ve been doing a few school visits lately (which I love!) so today’s blog post is a hit-list of the top three questions I get asked by the kids I’ve been talking to.

Plus I’ve squished in another Storylines shout-out at the very end 🙂

What made me decide to become a writer?

I’ve wanted to write for as long as I can remember, in large part inspired by my love of Margaret Mahy’s stories – in particular her young adult books. In addition to adoring Mahy, I come from a family of writers, bookworms and crossword fanatics, so escaping the call of writing would have been hard. Despite all this, I managed to put off doing anything about it for several years. I was terrified I’d be terrible. I finally got brave enough to try writing a story when I took a year off work after having my first daughter.

What is a typical writing day for me?

I don’t really have a typical writing day. My husband and I have two preschoolers and we both work full time. I write whenever and wherever I can – but most often on the couch at night after we’ve got the kids off to bed. I’ve written in lots of odd places though – in the car, in parks, in supermarket car parks, in cafes, on the waterfront, in spare meeting rooms at work … generally wherever I can find five spare minutes when I’m not doing something else. If I get stuck I go for a walk – that’s when I do my best writing by far.

What do I enjoy most about writing?

I love it when my characters surprise me by doing or saying unexpected things – it’s like they come to life. I love playing with words too, and it’s a wonderful feeling when my writing flows, in contrast to the opposite feeling when it’s like I’m wading through a puddle of glue.

I get really excited when I start thinking about new story ideas. Other authors have made me laugh out loud, get mad, or burst into tears. I love the idea that the more stories I write, the better I might get at moving my readers, just like other authors have inspired me.

Then here comes the Storylines shout-out bit – the Wellington Family Day was AMAZING! If you like reading and writing, make sure it’s on your agenda for next year if you didn’t make it this time around … and if you’re in Auckland or Northland, go check it out this weekend!

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