Amelia’s Introduction

Hello! My name is Amelia.

My family will be going on holiday for five weeks and going to LA, London, Paris, Rome, Greece, Barcelona, and Hong Kong and I will be blogging it right here.

I thought I should start by introducing myself, my interests, etc.

  • I am 10 years old (11 on the 15th of september)
  • My favorite colour is purple
  • My favorite animal is an owl
  • I absolutely love writing and have been published twice in a writing magazine named Write On
  • I want to be an author one day
  • I spend a lot of my time watching youtube videos
  • I like playing Minecraft (mostly Xbox edition)
  • I am secretly a unicorn (not really haha, OR AM I)

Lots of statements beginning with I *sighs* Oh well

So yeah. If you want to hear more from me then stay tuned folks.



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    Roseann said,

    Have a great trip Amelia, Julie and David – look forward to watching your blog Amelia and of course catching up on your return team!! Do enjoy!! Roseann and Stephen

  2. 3

    Claire said,

    Have fun:) I look forward to hearing about your adventures

  3. 4

    Christine & Allan said,

    Hope it’s all going well Amelia and realise it is your birthday. Happy Day! Love, Christine, Allan, Maddison and Lizzie.

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