Amelia’s holiday Part 1: LA


It’s Amelia here.

Today we are on our second day in LA. We are currently sitting in our hotel room regrouping from our adventures during the day, but back to that later.


We first boarded a plane to Auckland and during that flight I spent the majority of the time staring out the window. We were delayed slightly and after we landed in Auckland they had to hold the plane to LA as a lot of passengers on our flight were transferring to the LA flight. The plane we were on was quite large and held a large amount of passengers. There were screenss to watch movies & TV on which were well used b myself. I watched Malifecent, Divergent, and Percy Jackson and the lightening theif, which were all great. I got a fairly good amount of sleep on that flight, although it was rater broken sleep. The flight took roughly 11 hours and we landed in LA at about 7:30 NZ time/ 12:30 LA time. We took a while to get out of the airport and got to our hotel a few hours later.


After we had unpacked we went across the street to a cafe where we had late lunch/early dinner and afterwards had icecreams. I had this absolutely delicious Oreo thing and I am rather jealous that we don’t have then in NZ. We all slept very well after our tiring day of flights and such, my mum did most of all.


In the morning we got up and went to the same cafe for breakfast. I had some chocolate chip pancakes that were scrumptious. After breakfast we set off for Disney Land, conviniently located just across the street fr our accomodation. We first went up Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland. It was quite cool to go around it like that, although I got rather startled by a model tiger that I wasn’t really expecting. We then walked further through Adventureland and went on a Pirates Of The Carribean boat thingy (I forgot the name :/ ). I spent the majority of the ride with my eyes closed even though it wasn’t a particularly scary ride because of my automatonophobia (Fear of Mannequins). Further on in Adventureland I got my picture taken with Tigger and Winnie the Pooh ^-^ which sadly I can’t put up due to technical difficulties *sighs*. In Tommorowland I bout some Minnie Mouse ears out of the huge variety they sold. We wandered around the other lands and had some food along the way then left the park for a few hours as we were actually pretty tired from walking around in the heat all day. I still cannot fathom how it’s always so warm here, I think these people are wizards O.O .


After a nice long swim and some sitting around in our hotel room we went back in for the parade at 7. We first had dinner at a place just outside Frontierland which was very filling. We sat along the main street for the parade and had to get there about half an hour earlier to secure a place to watch. By the time the first float came out the footpaths were chock full of people, but the crowd was worth it for the awesome parade. After the parade we all had icecreams and walked back to the hotel.


Overall, my thoughts on LA are:

  • It’s so big!
  • It’s so warm!
  • It’s so loud!

That’s it for now guys, i’ll hopefully be back to blog tomorrow, although that may change.


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