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Marvellous Margaret Mahy

March 21 would have been Margaret Mahy’s 78th birthday and it’s a great excuse to check out some of the fantastic Margaret Mahy stuff on our catalogue and the internet. If you are itching for some Margaret Mahy screen goodness, you can check out full episodes of her award-winning TV adaptions on NZ On Screen: […]

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Illustrating the great Margaret Mahy

Over the years I’ve had many manuscripts offered to me, from short School Journal stories to picture books and a few novels too. It is always the most exciting (and often scary) part of my work – imagining for the first time all the different ways this manuscript could be illustrated. But there are manuscripts […]

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Organ Music by Margaret Mahy

Reading Organ Music by Margaret Mahy is like being stuck in a really weird, creepy dream.  I had chills running down my spine and the whole time I was trying to figure out what was going on.  All these things combine to make a thrilling story. As Harley and David make their way home one […]

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Writing Tip of the Week – Margaret Mahy

Our writing tip this week is once again from Margaret Mahy, who will be at the Storylines Free Family Day next Sunday, 15 August at the Christchurch Town Hall.   Come along and listen to Margaret talk about her writing and read some of her books. “I think writers ought to read a lot, and it is often […]

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Writing Tip of the Week – Margaret Mahy

This week’s writing tip comes from one of New Zealand’s greatest writers, Margaret Mahy, who will be appearing at the Storylines Free Family Day in Christchurch on Sunday 15 August.  Margaret Mahy has written so many books that it’s impossible to name them all.  She writes picture books, like Down the Back of the Chair, […]

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Top three questions kids ask me about writing

Hi all, I’ve been doing a few school visits lately (which I love!) so today’s blog post is a hit-list of the top three questions I get asked by the kids I’ve been talking to. Plus I’ve squished in another Storylines shout-out at the very end 🙂 What made me decide to become a writer? […]

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How to become an author – start writing!

Hi, Juliet here – star author for August. Writing that sends a shiver down my spine, because: skip back five months ago – I wasn’t an author skip back four years ago – I wasn’t an author, although I had started writing stories skip back five years ago – I wasn’t an author, or a […]

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Meet our August Star Author – Juliet Jacka

Our awesome August Star Author is Juliet Jacka.  Juliet is a New Zealand author, whose debut novel, Night of the Perigee Moon, was published earlier this year.   Biography for author Juliet Jacka.   Juliet has wanted to write for years, in large part inspired by her love of Margaret Mahy’s young adult books. Escaping the […]

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Champion reads – the New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults

Are you looking for a great read? Try the New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults – what a bunch of brilliant books. Vasanti Unka’s The Boring Book wins the New Zealand Post Margaret Mahy Book of the Year is all about the award-winners. The full list of winners of the 2014 […]

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Hello from Sue

Hello there! What a treat to be invited to have a virtual chat with all you Christchurch booklovers. I hope we’re going to have plenty of fun together over the next month. Fun and … spine tingles. Do you believe in ghosts? Oh yes, and rabbit chat. By now you’re probably wondering, who is this […]

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The 2013 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards winners

The finalists in the 2013 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards gathered in Christchurch on Monday night for the awards ceremony. The awards night is always themed and this year the organisers went for a ‘Witch in the Cherry Tree’ theme in honour of Margaret Mahy.  The book of the year was also renamed the […]

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Goodbye from Raglan and thanks

Well it’s Wednesday and I’ve already had a busy writing week. On Sunday, I went to a writer’s meeting, expecting to hear a talk by a local bookseller, and was delighted to find he had been replaced: not because I didn’t want hear him, but because the new guest speaker was children’s author Janice Marriott. […]

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The 2013 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards Finalists

The finalists in the 2013 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards were announced this morning.  There is a great selection of books this year, by some of our best authors and illustrators.  I think that the picture book and junior fiction categories are particularly strong and the judges have got a huge job ahead of […]

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Meet our April Star Author – David Hill

Our award-winning April Star Author is New Zealand author, David Hill.  David is the author of many novels for children and teens, including Journey to Tangiwai, Fat, Four-eyed and Useless, See Ya Simon, and his latest book, My Brother’s War.  David also wrote the wonderful Anzac story, The Red Poppy (illustrated by Fifi Colston).  As well […]

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Fast Five with Donovan Bixley

Why did you want to be a writer? I wanted to illustrate things that I was really interested in, which doesn’t always happen when you illustrate other author’s stories. So I decided to write my own stories. What’s the best thing about being a writer? Coming up with ideas is very exciting. The hard part […]

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Fast Five with Nikki Slade-Robinson

Why did you want to be a writer? Why not!  I think if the ideas are there, and the characters are demanding to be let out, you don’t get much choice really.  Writing and illustrating was always my dream.  And luckily my parents let me have plenty of paper so I didn’t have to draw […]

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Fast Five with Sherryl Jordan

Why did you want to be a writer? I wanted to write books even before I could write. My first book, made when I was four years old, was a picture story about a little mermaid. I had to draw pictures to make the book, because I couldn’t write. The book doesn’t exist anymore (it […]

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The wonderful tattooed lady.

Hello everyone, here I am at the Tuam St library again, in my quiet corner (I say ‘quiet’, but there’s someone skyping on one side of me, and four people reading or working on laptops to the other side. Such is a rainy Sunday afternoon). Today I thought I would write about someone we have […]

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Fast Five with Fleur Beale

1. Why did you want to be a writer? It happened by accident really. Mum was always writing and telling her own stories and when I’d left home she sent me notes from a writing course she went to. I started writing very short stories for Grampa’s Place which was a radio programme for pre-schoolers. […]

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Fast Five with Gavin Bishop

1. Why did you want to be a writer? So I could be in complete control of the picture books that I wanted to illustrate. 2. What’s the best thing about being a writer? Besides working at home in my own studio I enjoy talking to children and adults about my work. 3. What’s your […]

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