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Fast Five with Tania Hutley

Why did you want to be a writer? I think most writers start by being enthusiastic readers, and I’m no different.  Through reading I discovered how much I loved the feeling of falling into another world, of living another life, becoming someone completely different to myself.  Writing is just another way of visiting different worlds […]

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Fast Five with David Hill

Throughout NZ Book Month we’ll be posting lots of mini interviews with New Zealand authors and illustrators.  Our first Fast Five is with David Hill. Why did you want to be a writer? Became an author partly because i wasn’t much good at anything else. Also because I liked telling jokes and stories to people […]

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Fast Five with James Norcliffe

1. Why did you want to be a writer? I discovered quite early on that not only was I able to write, but that I really enjoyed writing. It was one of the few things I was any good at, so a no brainer really. 2. What’s the best thing about being a writer? The […]

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Fast Five with Amy Brown

1. Why did you want to be a writer? My parents’ house has always had full bookshelves; there are piles of books next to each bed, and even beside the bath. The idea of being able and allowed to write the words in these important objects was thrilling. In Standard Two, I said that one […]

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Guest Author: Amy Brown, author of the Pony Tales series

The first pony I rode was called Johnny.  The size of a St Bernard dog, and brownish black, Johnny was a Timor pony, who belonged, I think, to a family that lived a few baches down from ours. I don’t remember exactly, because I was four years old at the time. This memory comes mostly […]

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Test Your Book Knowledge

Hi again Christchurch and other kids (and adult and teen readers too!) It’s almost the end of August. My second-last chance to blog as Star Author. Tonight I have some book questions for you. They are the questions I wrote for Twizel Area School students last week for our ‘Win a Book Competition’ that I organised […]

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My favourite NZ books – Tina Matthews

My favorite NZ picture book at the moment is Herbert the Brave Sea Dog. It’s a true story about a dog that gets lost at sea and then found, still paddling, 30 hours later. If you didn’t know it was true you wouldn’t believe it possible that Herbert could keep swimming and Tim, his young […]

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My favourite NZ books – Sandy Nelson

Hi there Christchurch Kids! My name is Sandy Nelson. I am the writer of ‘The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound,’ a story about a New Zealand boy who is haunted by some ghosts of sailors who died in World War Two – 1023 of them. I am also a school teacher at Twizel Area School. […]

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My favourite NZ books – Adele Broadbent

NZ Kid’s Books Rock! There are sooo many fantastic NZ Authors and books it’s impossible to choose only one, or two or even five!  But, since I can’t fill up the entire blog, I’ll pick a few of my favourites – ‘The Fat Man’ by Maurice Gee. This story is a thriller for kids. It’s […]

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NZ Post Children’s Book Awards Finalists 2011

The finalists for the 2011 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards were announced a couple of weeks ago.  These are the awards for the best books for children and young adults in New Zealand and they are awarded every year.  There are four categories – picture books, non-fiction, junior fiction and young adult fiction. Here are the […]

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