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Learn how to speak Dragonese with Cressida Cowell

Have you ever wanted to learn Dragonese, from Cressida Cowell’s books?  In this video you can learn how to say to following things in Dragonese: ‘Please would you be so kind as to spit out my friend?’ and ‘I don’t like that. It’s revolting, it’s gross, it’s really, really revolting.’  Have a go and impress your friends.

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Bob the Builder is a Werewolf!

Curtis Jobling is the creator of Bob the Builder, but he’s also the author of a spooky new series called Wereworld.  Watch this very funny video of Curtis transforming Bob the Builder into a werewolf.

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The story behind Michael Morpurgo’s Shadow

Now that you know all about the story, reserve a copy of Shadow at your library.  If you’ve read Shadow, you already know what an amazing story it is and that Michael Morpurgo is a brilliant author.

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Caroline Lawrence introduces The Western Mysteries

Did you love The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence?  The exciting news is that she has now started writing The Western Mysteries set in the Wild West, with cowboys, indians and outlaws.  Check out this video of Caroline Lawrence talking about her new series:

Look out for The Case of the Deadly Desperados in the library soon.  To find out more about the series check out Caroline Lawrence’s website for The Western Mysteries.

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John Stephens talks to NZ about The Emerald Atlas

Stay tuned for our  review of The Emerald Atlas tomorrow.  If you think it sounds like a book you would love to read, make sure you enter our Week 2 Reading Crusade Challenge for your chance to win a copy (we’ve got 5 copies to give away).

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Richard Newsome on The Billionaire’s Curse

If you’re looking forward to meeting Richard Newsome at the launch of the Christchurch Kids Blog next Wednesday, you might like to watch this video of Richard talking about adventures,  Bear Grylls, his characters and The Billionaire’s Curse.

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