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Carnivora – The Winged Scavenger by Adam Blade

Carnivora – The winged scavenger Number 42

Beast Quest –  The Lost World by Adam Blade

This is the story of the good guys Tom, Elenna and Oradu  the wizard and the bad guys, Marvel and Carnivora-the winged scavenger.  It is set in the land of Tavania which is a very cold place and Hugo is the King.
There are loads of beasts and Marvel wants to rule the village and wants to use the beasts to do this.  Oradu tries to help Tom and Elenna and Hugo’s men to keep Marvel and his beasts away.  He uses magic to move things out of the way and blast open doors and scare away Marvel’s men.  When Tom and Elenna catch a beast it becomes their friend and also tries to stop Marvel.  Tom and Elenna get into loads of sticky situations and they have to use their cleverness to get out of them.
It is a book that most children would like because it is very exciting.  Some bits are scary and interesting.   🙂

Nicholas (aged 7)

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Chronicles of Avantia by Adam Blade

Cover imageHave you read all the Beast Quest books but want to read something similar or maybe more of a challenge?  You should try the new series by Adam Blade, called The Chronicles of Avantia. In First Hero, an evil warlord is threatening to take over the kingdom of Avantia and it’s up to an ordinary boy called Tanner to stop the war from happening, with the help of a ferocious young flame bird called Firepos.  The stories are set in the fantasy world of Avantia with the same sorts of monsters and creatures that are in the Beast Quest books.  Check out this cool book trailer for the series:

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