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What to do when you’re bored

There are so many crazy things to do to keep you amused! I find all sorts or random things to do when I’m bored. You can get bored in the Classroom, at home, in a waiting room at the dentists, anywhere really!

I know heaps of crazy weird stuff to do in these situations:

Do the rubber pencil trick. Try not to think about penguins (this is impossible, I can manage about 3 seconds. It’s so hard because when your trying not to think of penguins you automatically do!), watch tv and repeat everything in weird accents, create an annoying twitch (this is great for on the bus, especially if there’s someone sitting opposite you in the four seater spots), try to count your teeth with your tongue. Endless choices!

What do you do when your bored? PS: I got half of these things of the internet, I don’t do them!

By Henry

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It’s wet and cold and I’m bored!

It’s been a horrible week here in Christchurch and the weekend doesn’t look like it’s going to be much better.  You’re probably going to be stuck inside for most of the weekend so here’s some ideas for things you could do to keep you from getting bored:

  1. Come to the library.  We have lots of books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks and magazines you can take home and look at while you’re cuddled on the couch with a nice cup of hot chocolate.
  2. Bake something yummy with your family.  You could bake a cake, biscuits, muffins or cupcakes.  We have lots of cookbooks in the library if you want some ideas.
  3. Get crafty.  You could do some painting, drawing, colouring, make paper planes, draw some cool cartoons or knit a scarf.  There are lots of ideas on our Craft page on the Internet Gateway.
  4. Play some board games with your family.  There are so many different ones to play, from chess to battleships, and Scrabble to Monopoly.
  5. Write a fantastic story and we could publish it on the blog.  You might be the next J K Rowling!

If you have any other brilliant ideas for spending a wet, cold weekend inside, post a comment and let us know.  Have a fun-filled weekend!

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