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Trick and Treat

Hello from Monterey, California! I’m writing to you from yesterday. Christchurch is twenty hours ahead of Monterey, so you’ve reached November before me. How is it so far? I am thrilled to be on a virtual visit to New Zealand this month as your November Star Author.

Since it is Halloween in California, I’ll begin with a writing trick and a reading treat.

Do you ever have trouble getting started writing? Maybe it’s an essay for school and you just can’t come up with the first line, or a story that is fantastic in your imagination, but you can’t seem to get it onto the page. Getting started is my number one writing challenge.

The next time you’re stuck, try the timer trick:

Grab the kitchen timer. Get paper and pen or open a new document on your computer.

Ready? Now set the timer for 15 minutes and press start. Write as fast as you can, without stopping, without erasing, until that timer buzzes.

Don’t worry about spelling. Don’t worry about getting the facts right. Perfection is not the goal. This is a draft. Just write. You’ll be surprised what tumbles out of your head and onto the page. If 15 minutes feels daunting, start with 5.

Look for more writing tips this month, as well as the story of where my stories come from, and maybe even a word game or two.

For now I’ll leave with you with a treat. The sweetest reading treat of all: a poem.

Like Christchurch, Monterey is bordered by hills and the Pacific Ocean. Fog hovers out my morning window as I write, so here is a fog poem by Carl Sandburg:

The fog comes
on little cat feet
It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.


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A Pinch of Poetry – My Best Pal by Colin McNaughton

There’s a boy in our class
Name of Billy McMillan,
And everyone knows
He’s a bit of a villain.

My mum doesn’t like him,
No more does my dad,
They say he’s a hooligan;
This makes me mad.

Okay, so he’s scruffy
And hopeless at school,
But that doesn’t mean he’s
An absolute fool.

He’s brilliant at spitting,
And juggling with balls,
And no one can beat him
At peeing up walls.

He’s my best mate
And I think he’s just fine,
You can choose your friends,
And I will choose mine.

By Colin McNaughton from his book, There’s an Awful Lot of Weirdos in our Neighbourhood.

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Share your favourite poems and WIN Smiggle goodies

Cover imageFriday 3oth July is National Poetry Day in New Zealand so July is the perfect month to share some of your favourite poems.  I know lots of funny and silly poems that I loved as a kid and still love now because they make me laugh.  My favourite type of poems are the ones that rhyme because I think they’re more fun to read.  My favourite poet is Colin McNaughton whose books of poetry, There’s an Awful Lot or Weirdos in our Neighbourhood and Wish You Were Here (and I Wasn’t), include some of the funniest poems I’ve ever read. 

Throughout the rest of July I’ll be sharing some of my favourite poems right here on the blog and we want you to share some of your favourite poems with us too.  If you’ve written your own poems that you’d like to share it would be great to read these too.  The person who posts the best poem will win a prize pack of Smiggle goodies, including some pencils and a journal, so get posting your poems.  You can either add them as a comment on the bottom of this post or write your own blog post.  Just remember to add your first name  so that we can contact you if you win. 

The winner will be drawn on Friday 30 July and notified by email.

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