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Hi everyone, sorry for the silence at my end. I’ve been flat out preparing for the Auckland Storylines Family Day which I attended last weeked, and for the Christchurch Writers’ Festival which is on this week (August 30 – September 2).

I had a lovely time in Auckland, talking to kids and adults about Red Rocks, reading parts of it and talking about how I got the inspiration for it, including from my childhood holidays by the sea where I learned to row a dinghy and catch fish. Is there any other quintessentially kiwi childhood activity? (Actually there are probably loads!)

I do hope you are one of the lucky kids who gets to come to the Read Aloud Schools day on Thursday in the big white dome. I’ll be talking alongside Kate de Goldi and Gavin Bishop so it should be a fun and interesting hour.

I met some great authors for the first time in Auckland, including Melinda Szymanik (Were-Nana) and Leonie Agnew (Super Finn), who were both very nice. Melinda wore two brooches I wanted to eat – one looked like an eskimo lolly, the other just like a jetplane lolly. She told me they wouldn’t taste very nice if I did try. Leonie bought a huge plate of wedges and forced me to share them with her. Once I started I couldn’t stop. Thanks Leonie!

I also had a panel discussion with four other authors about the future of YA and we all agreed that it doesn’t matter what is fashionable, that we all just need to write the books we want to write and write them well. When you have an idea, it can be three years before that idea comes out as a published book, and if you try and write something you think is the next ‘hot’ thing (wizards, vampires, dystopia), it will have come and gone again by the time you finish it.

Well, I’d better get back to my work! Who knew that August would turn out to be so busy?

I hope to see you at the Dome on Thursday. Come and say hi!

Rachael King

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Steve Cole and Richard Newsome coming to Christchurch

Two awesome authors, Steve Cole and Richard Newsome, are coming to Christchurch in September for the Christchurch Writer’s Festival.  They’re coming here as part of the School’s Read Aloud Programme for the Writer’s Festival and lots of school kids around Christchurch will get the chance to come and listen to them talk about their books and writing, on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 September.   We’re also going to have them in Central Library on Wednesday 8 September at 7pm to help us officially launch the Christchurch Kids Blog, so you can come along and listen to them talk and even get your books signed.

Steve Cole is the author of the hugely popular Astrosaurs series, the Cows in Action series and several books for older readers including Z-Rex and Tripwire (stay tuned for reviews here on the blog).  He used to edit magazines and books but prefers the job of a writer where you can wear pyjamas and eat chocolate all day.  Check out Steve Cole’s awesome website with info about his books, games, and downloads.

Richard Newsome is an Australian author (who was born in New Zealand) whose first book, The Billionaire’s Curse, won the 2008 Text Publishing Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature.  The Billionaire’s Curse is the first in the Billionaire Trilogy,  and it’s a fantastic adventure and mystery story that I reviewed on the blog in What would you do with 20 billion dollars? Check out Richard Newsome’s website for more information about the author and his books.

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