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Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind by Sue Hamilton is a fierce new series of non-fiction books that I jumped out at me the other day when I was looking through our new books.  The covers grab your attention and with titles like Ambushed by a Cougar, Mauled by a Bear, Eaten by a Shark, and Swarmed by Bees you just want to pick them up and find out what they’re about.

Each of the books tells you a bit about the predator, what makes them such so dangerous, and gives you examples of when people have been attacked by them and how they survived.  They also have a very good glossary and index, bu the best thing about them is the fantastic photos throughout the book (lots of teeth-baring, growling and attack-ready poses).

Watch out for Close Encounters of the Wild Kind jumping off a library shelf near you!

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