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TumbleBook Library

Did you know Christchurch City Libraries pays money to access some really cool websites? And that all our members can use those sites for free too? That is what all the sites at the Source are!

TumbleBook ScreenshotOne of the coolest of these is TumbleBook Library. TumbleBooks are animated books that you can read or that can be read to you. There are HUNDREDS of books for you to read, including picture books, chapter books, non-fiction books and graphic novels (including Max Finder!).

There are lots of games, puzzles and quizzes to go along with the books as well as videos from National Geographic.

One of the coolest things is that you can use the search box at the top of the site to search for books, games and videos about things you are into to. So if you like jokes, mysteries, dogs, knights, France or anything else, you’ll be able to find heaps of new books about it on TumbleBook Library.

I think my favourite book on in TumbleBook Library is The Mystery of Eatum Hall. A creepy story about a pig and a hen who are mysteriously invited to spend the weekend at Dr. Hunter’s new inn…

Eatum Hall Screenshot

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Love the Olympics? Try these sporty reads

If you’re a sporty person you’re probably in heaven right now with all the Olympic Games coverage on TV.  There are heaps of different types of sport to watch, from swimming and rowing, to gymnastics and athletics. 

We have heaps of sporty books in the library for you to enjoy.  Why not try these:

We also have a great page all about the Olympics, where you can find out about Canterbury Olympic Athletes and visit some interesting websites with information about the Olympic Games.

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Monster Matsuri cover art….revealed!! What do you think?

Hi! I’m Cristy Burne, author of the Takeshita Demons books and Star Author for July.

This week has been an exciting one in the world of Takeshita Demons

Why? Because the cover for Book 3, Takeshita Demons – Monster Matsuri, has been revealed!!! Woo hoo! What do you think?

Takeshita Demons: Monster Matsuri coverMore demon stuff to do…

Read the first page of Monster Matsuri at my blog

– Read an interview about writing the Takeshita Demons books here on the My Favourite Books blog

– Try this quick quiz: IS YOUR PERSIMMON HAUNTED?

Check out some demon-themed activities for the holidays or the classroom (make a papier mache Daruma; try a hiragana word search; test your memory with a demonic game, and MORE!)

– And a Japanese language question: Does anyone know what “matsuri” means in Japanese? What do you think a monster matsuri might be?

– Enter the Make a Monster competition and win a copy of Takeshita Demons! We’ve had some awesome entries so far!

Happy writing and reading!


Cristy Burne
Author of the Takeshita Demons series

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Setting sail!

Hi again from a very, very, VERY drizzly miserable Dunedin! I don’t actually mind the rain, because I don’t have to leave the house all day (or all week, even) if I don’t want to. That’s one of the best things about being a writer. The OTHER best thing, which is actually a million times better is having a new book published!!

I’ve been very lucky getting my stories published, I must say. This year I’ve got TEN books coming out. On Thursday night we had a very nice party at the Teacher’s College in Dunedin to launch my latest two new books – Hester & Lester and DO NOT PUSH! Zac has already told you all about my DO NOT PUSH book. But I’d still be very interested to hear what YOU think might happen if you pushed a big red button that said DO NOT PUSH.

My other book is called Hester & Lester. It’s about a big sister trying to make her little brother happy using her imagination. They build a castle out of things they find in the forest, then make a moat and find a platoon of soldiers in dashing suits of armour (who are snails, really). When I was growing up, my little sister and I were always building cubby-houses out of all sorts of stuff. We’d pretend they were castles or secret hideaways and we’d have battles in the back yard. Because I was the older brother, I always had to come up with ideas for our games. Sometimes it was hard thinking of new games all the time. But I could always think of something new and exciting. That’s what I do today, too.  Except now I write down my stories … and I don’t build castles anymore.

Do you have a little brother or sister? If you do, who comes up with the best ideas? What sort of games do you play? Let me know and I might use one of them in a story.

OK, I better get back to work. Until next time, have an imagination-filled day!!


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Mini Monos

Mini Monos is a great monkey game where you can play and have fun!!!

First you have to make a monkey!!!

And if you want to have extra fun go and get the gold membership (But ask a parent or Guardian before paying!!!).

If you buy this extra fun you may buy,furniture and change hair  and more!!!!

Its so much fun so here is the extreme,fantastic,Cool,Fun and a great game!!!

If you want to come to this website push this to play with your amazing game

by Alison!!!

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