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What are your favourite series books?

Have just picked up my library copy of David Almond’s new book “My name is Mina.” This is a “prequel” to his fabulous novel “Skellig“. Can’t wait to read it.

It’s fun to meet up again with fictional characters when they reappear. I guess that’s why sequels and series books (and prequels)¬†are so appealing. Someone once suggested I write a sequel to “Old Bones” which is not something I’d thought of doing. I certainly haven’t got round to it but did wonder about letting a couple of the characters from that story make a ‘guest appearance’ in another book I’ve been thinking about.

I do have a couple of favourite characters from stories I’ve written. Patrick and Pete are brothers who have ‘starred’ in a few School Journal stories. They’ve also turned up in my ‘Kiwi bite’ book “Going Bananas” under different names, as well as in a couple of other short books (with different names yet again!).

What are your favourite series books?

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