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A Waltz for Matilda

Jackie French has written alot of novels on the history of Australia but this is one of her best.  Matilda’s mum dies so she heads out to the bush to find her dad.  She finds him but tragedy strikes.  What follows is an amazing yarn about how 12 year old Matilda takes on one struggle after another to become an independent woman.

It is also the story of a new country developing.  There strikes by workers, bushfire, war, and drought.  There are new inventions like the car and radio.  There is woman fight to be aloud to vote.  The book also contains alot of rasist comments we wouldn’t use now but Jackie wanted to keep the book as true to how life was then as possible.

The story is loosly based around that annoying Aussie song Waltzing Matilda but is still a good read.  The book is from the Young Adult section but doesn’t contain anything that would upset the parents.  It is a long slog at 478 pages so it is really only an option for those of you who are really good readers.

Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong…………………

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Writing Tip of the Week – Jackie French

This week’s writing tip comes from Jackie French, author of Diary of a Wombat, Hitler’s Daughter, A Rose for the ANZAC Boys, and Oracle.

“I think the most important thing about writing is having confidence – because if you think you can write well you write in your own voice, not copying ideas and expressions and characters from other people.”


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Oracle by Jackie French

Cover imageJackie French is a great Australian author who writes books for all age groups, and she particularly writes really good historical novels, like Hitler’s Daughter, The Night they Stormed Eureka, and A Rose for the ANZAC Boys.

Oracle is Jackie French’s latest novel and set in Ancient Greece.  Nikko and his sister Thetis live in a small village in the mountains, but one day they are taken from their hard life into a world of luxury.  They are trained as acrobats to perform for the King of Mycenae and soon forget their old life.  But Nikko’s sister is both cursed and blessed – if she speaks she must tell the truth.  When Thetis tells the King a truth about his future, their world comes crashing down around them.  Jackie’s historical detail is amazing and she paints a clear picture of what life was like in Ancient Greece.

If you like books with a bit of history woven into the story then try Oracle.   8 out of 10

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