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Most Popular Kids Books of 2013

Christchurch City Libraries has just released our list of the most popular kids books of 2013. In the Top Ten there are only 4 different authors.

Here they are, in order of fewest books to most:

Cover of Queenie

Jacqueline Wilson has one book on the list Queenie at #8.

1953, England. Elizabeth is to be crowned Queen of England, but Elsie Kettle and her grandmother both fall ill with tuberculosis. Elsie is whisked away to a hospital where she is confined to bed for months and misses her beloved Nan desperately. However, in the hospital she makes friends, including Queenie, the hospital’s majestic white cat.

Read some more posts about Jacqueline Wilson on our blog.

Cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

J.K. Rowling has one book on the list, and it’s a classic – Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone at #9.

It’s been 17 years since this came out and it’s still going strong! J.K Rowling has recently said she will write a play and another book about the Harry Potter universe.

Last Straw Book CoverDog Days Book CoverThird Wheel Book Cover

Jeff Kinney has THREE books on the Top Ten list this year. The Last Straw at #10, Dog Days at #6 and at #1 – The Third Wheel!

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is the hilarious story of Greg’s life at school and home. The funny words are matched up well with some VERY funny pictures. If these books don’t make you laugh out loud, you don’t have a funny bone! Read some more posts about Jeff Kinney on our blog here.

Catalogue LinkCatalogue LinkCatalogue LinkCatalogue LinkCatalogue Link

The author with the most books on our Top Ten list is Rick Riordan! HALF of the books on the Top Ten list are by this awesome author who writes the Percy Jackson series. These exciting books have sold over 20 million copies and the third film in the series is due out in 2015. You can read more about Rick Riordan by looking at posts on our blog about him.

See how many books you’ve read in our most popular kids books of 2013 and let us know in the comments below 🙂

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We Have Magazines!

Did you know the Library subscribes to heaps of cool kids magazines? And they are all free for you to take out? If you are organized, you can even reserve the newest copy every month and get them send to the Library closest to your house!

Here are some of the best:

(You can check out the full list on our catalogue.)


DMag is a mix of movies, science, gossip, puzzles, sports, jokes and competitions aimed at kids 7 – 12.

The Official Jacqueline Wilson MagazineJacqueline Wilson Book

A lot of kids LOVE Jacqueline Wilson and they will LOVE her magazine! It’s full of information about Jacqueline, stories about her characters, craft and writing tips and previews of her new books!

Total Girl

“No boys allowed!” is the slogan for this magazine aimed at tween girls. It’s packed full of competitions, quizzes, recipes, fashion and gossip.

WW Kids Magazine

The official World Wrestling Entertainment magazine for kids. Find out how to be a wrestler by reading about the stars of wrestling, their moves, how they stay fit and eat to stay strong.

DisneyPixar Book Catalogue Link

If you love Disney movies and TV, then you’ll love Disney magazine. Read more about everything Disney, including puzzles, quizzes and more.

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Bundles of Book Lists

Did you know the Library has lots of book lists that we’ve made especially for you? There’s nearly 50 lists of books that we’ve chosen from our catalogue about different subjects. So if you like spy stories, animal stories or ghost stories, you can find some good reads on here. As well as HEAPS of others.

We’ve also got a whole lot of “If you like…” lists. These are lists that tell you some more good books to read if you like a particular series or author. Some of our lists are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jacqueline Wilson and Geronimo Stilton. Check out our lists to see if we’ve got some good suggestions for your favourite book or author.

If you’re looking for suggestions for the Science Alive Reading Adventure challenge of the Summertime Reading Club, we’ve made some lists for that too! Check out ALL of our kids lists on our Catalogue.

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Four Children and It Book Trailer

Four Children and It is Jacqueline Wilson’s brand new book.  It’s due out this month and you can reserve your copy at the library now.

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I enjoyed the book Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson.

It’s about a girl called Beauty who lives with her mum and dad. Beauty gets bullied at school and her father bullies her and says that she is ugly!!

Unlike her father ,her mother is really kind she doesn’t get mad at her or hits her or even say that she is ugly. Beauty gets called ugly at her school and she doesn’t have any friends although there is a girl called Rhona who likes her but Rhona is a friend of the girl that bullies Beauty (Skye)and Skye will make fun of Rhona if she hangs out with Beauty.

And her father has silly rules like she’s not allowed to get a pet or spill anything on the floor or accidentally brake the mirror.

When Beauty’s birthday comes up her father spoils her. He asks her what she wants and she says that she wants a bunny, of course   because she watches a show called Sam and Lilly and she is obsessed with Lilly (the bunny).  After that her dad gets very angry because she told him that she wants to get a pet !! So in the morning when its Beauty’s birthday her dad wakes her up with a big horrible beast and it seemed to be a big purple rabbit !! But I’m not going to tell you the whole story you have to read it .

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My sister Jody by Jacqueline Wilson

My sister Jodie  is about two sisters called Pearl and Jodie whose parents get a new job and have to move schools.  Pearl used to have no friends at all but here she has got a few. Jodie used to have lots of friends but now has none and everyone teases her by her red hair and three earrings on her ears. One day they have a thing that’s like a party with fireworks and everything Jodie goes to a tower and tries to scare people like she’s a ghost but Jodie  falls a long fall and breaks alot of bones and sadly….I dont want to spoil to much of it. But will pearl be able to do it?

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Lola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson

Lola Rose is a great book about two kids- Jayni and Kenny. They are forced to move away from their father. They have to change their names so Jayni becomes the new glamorous Lola Rose!

They find their Auntie Barbara and she helps them. But things change when their mother has to go to hospital.

Find out in the book of Lola Rose!

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