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Check out who was at the Storylines Family Day

Margaret Mahy at Christchurch Storylines Family Day

Margaret Mahy

Joy Cowley at Christchurch Storylines Family Day

Joy Cowley

Gavin Bishop at Christchurch Storylines Family Day

Gavin Bishop

Ross Kinnaird at Christchurch Storylines Family Day

Ross Kinnaird

Sandy McKay at Christchurch Storylines Family Day

Sandy McKay

I had lots of fun walking around and talking to the all the authors and illustrators.  There were lots of kids who were dressed up in costumes.  My favourite costume that I saw was a girl who was Pippi Longstocking.  There were also a few Harry Potters and a Willy Wonka.  I like getting my books signed because I think it’s really special, especially when an author or illustrating writes something nice.

Did you go to the Storylines Family Day?  If you did, what was your favourite part of the day?

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Writing Tip of the Week – Joy Cowley

This week’s writing tip comes from one of New Zealand’s best-loved authors, Joy Cowley.  Joy has written some fantastic books over the years, including Bow Down Shadrach, Hunter, Greedy Cat, and Snake and Lizard.  In this writing tip, Joy talks about writing the end of a story.

“A story is a bit like a running race. It takes us a while to warm up but once we get going, we don’t always stop at the finishing tape, but run on. The right ending for any story is usually soon after the problem gets solved. If you don’t know where or how to end your story, stop and look back a few sentences. Chances are you’ll find the correct ending already written.”

Come and meet Joy Cowley at the Christchurch Town Hall this Sunday at the Storylines Free Family Day.  You could hear her read some of her books, talk about writing, and even get one of her books signed.

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Meet great NZ authors at the Storylines Free Family Day

StorylinesIf you’re looking for something to do this weekend, why don’t you come along to the Storylines Free Family Day at the Christchurch Town Hall from 10am-3pm.  It’s a chance for you to meet some fantastic New Zealand authors and illustrators, including:

You could get your favourite author’s autograph, listen to them talk about their books and read some of them, make a cool mask or bookmark, or learn about the world around you in the Factopia Zone.

Who’s your favourite New Zealand author?  What question would you ask them if you got the chance to meet them?

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