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Dead Man’s Cove by Lauren St John

Laura has spent most of her life as an orphan, living at the Sylvan Meadows Children’s Home, in between foster homes.  What Laura longs for “is to have a life packed with excitement” like some of the characters in the books she reads.  She has always been told to be careful what she wishes for, and one day she discovers that she has an uncle that will adopt her.  When she arrives in the seaside village where her uncle lives, little does she know that the life of mystery and adventure she has longed for is just around the corner.  Why does the quiet Indian boy have bruises and cuts on his arms?  Why is her uncle so secretive?  Is the bird watcher hanging around her house who he says he is?  Who is the mysterious ‘J’ in her uncle’s books?  Laura has to start thinking like the detective in her favourite books, Matt Walker, so that she can solve the mysteries around her.

Dead Man’s Cove is the fantastic first book in the Laura Marlin Mystery series by Lauren St. John.  Laura is a great character who reminded me of Roald Dahl’s Matilda, because she loves stories and is very inquisitive.  Like Laura, you’ll gather clues and put the pieces of the puzzle together to track down the villains.  Dead Man’s Cove is perfect for anyone who likes books full of adventure, mystery, heroes and villains.  I can’t wait to read more of the Laura Marlin Mysteries! 

Recommended for 9+    9 out of 10

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