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Test Your Book Knowledge

Hi again Christchurch and other kids (and adult and teen readers too!)

It’s almost the end of August. My second-last chance to blog as Star Author.

Tonight I have some book questions for you. They are the questions I wrote for Twizel Area School students last week for our ‘Win a Book Competition’ that I organised as part of Book Week. We also had some awesome quotes about reading, shared storytime, bedtime stories in the library, a book character dress-up day, quiz questions about books for our general knowledge quiz, a parent reading display … and every kid was given a fun bookmark.

Here’s the questions. Test yourselves, or test someone younger or older than you! I’m not going to post the answers. I reckon you can find out the ones you don’t know all by yourself, or else blog the wonderful Zac! Or you could ask your teacher!


What is the name of Kanga’s baby?

Is Schnitzel von Krumm a dog or a cat?

What colour is Thomas the Tank Engine?

Finish the name of this book by Kyle Mewburn: Hill and ___ 

What sea mammal did the Little Yellow Digger help to save?

 Who tried to catch the sun using ropes?


 What does Finnigan want to be?

 How many books are in the Narnia series?

 Who wrote George’s Marvellous Medicine?

 Who is God of the Sea in Maori legends?

 What country does the writer Micheal Morpurgo live in?

What does fantasy mean?


Who wrote ‘The Mummy with No Name’?

Are these writers New Zealanders?

Micheal Morpurgo

Enid Blyton

Robert Louis Stevenson

Fleur Beale

Craig Smith

David Hill

Sherryl Jordan

Roald Dahl

Margaret Mahy

Joy Cowley

 Is ‘Bow Down Shadrach’ about a horse or a dog or a lion?

Who wrote ‘The Runaway Settlers’

Who wrote ‘Under the Mountain’

Finish this book title by Patricia Grace: ‘The Kuia and the ___’



Who wrote and illustrated the picture book ‘Hill and Hole?’

Finish this book title by Maurice Gee: ‘Under the ___’

Which New Zealand writer won two major writing awards this year for her book for teenagers ‘Fierce September?’

Ken Catran has written a book with the name ‘Smiling ___’

Which new New Zealand author from Napier wrote ‘Too Many Secrets’ and ‘Just Jack’?

Which wizard in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ lives in the Black Tower in Isengard?

Are (or were) these writers New Zealanders?

C.S. Lewis

Jackie French

Jackie Rutherford

William Taylor

Which mythical creature is half lion / half eagle?

 In Greek mythology, who was the God of War?

 Which is the shortest of Shakespeare’s plays?

 In Maori legend, who is the Sky Father?

 Which dwarf could turn straw into gold?

 Mmm, did I get you thinking? Do you need to go to the library to do some research, or go online?

Hey – today we looked in our dog’s vet book and found out that we missed her birthday. It was last Sunday. Kim is one year old and cuter than ever! If you missed it, there’s a photo of her on one of my posts earlier this month.

Here’s a link to my class blog. We’re just learning how to blog. Blogging for the wonderful Christchurch Children’s Library blog has helped me improve my skills.

Here’s another photo of the landscape near where I live – a land of big blue skies and feathery clouds (and maybe some more snow later this week!)Just one more thing for today: Have you heard the story of Mackenzie and his dog? Mackenzie was an early settler in New Zealand, a shepherd from Scotland. He was imprisoned for stealing sheep and taking them through the Mackenzie Country to sell them in Otago. Mackenzie had a dog named Friday. Well, the area where I live is the Mackenzie Country. I love it here!

Take care out there!

From your August Star Author, Sandy Nelson

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