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Naughty Kids Book of Nature by Des Hunt

Des Hunt mentioned in his last post that he likes to look at roadkill because it “provides that opportunity to take a close look at animals.”  Des also shares his fascination with roadkill in his new book The Naughty Kids Book of Nature.  As the title suggests, this is a book about Nature for naughty kids who want to know about squashed hedgehogs and dead pukeko,  and want to see blood, guts and maggots.

It’s a fascinating book, chock-full of information about all sorts of New Zealand birds, insects, amphibians and pests.  You can find out about roadkill, bludgers, reproduction, and living and extinct animals.  Throughout the book there are detailed drawings by Scott Tulloch and fact sheets about the animals.  One thing I really like about this book are the questions and keywords at the end section so you could do a search on the library catalogue or a search engine to find out more about each animal.

This is the perfect book for naughty kids (and not-so-naughty kids) to find out about New Zealand’s wildlife.   10 out of 10

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Conservation Week 12-19 September 2010

This week is Conservation Week in New Zealand and it’s the perfect opportunity “to celebrate our native plants and wildlife, our incredible natural areas, and the places that are part of our history.”  You can celebrate Conservation Week in all sorts of ways and here are just a few of them:

  • Get outside and enjoy nature.  You could hang out in your garden, go to the park, or go for a walk in the forest. Use all your senses and look at, touch, smell, hear and taste the natural world all around you.
  • Come to the library and borrow some books and DVDs about conservation of wildlife, energy and natural resources.
  • Visit the Conservation Week website where you can learn about nature and conservation.  You can watch videos, play games, and get some crafty ideas for things you could make.

What are you doing to celebrate Conservation Week?

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