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From Book to Movie

Another question people often ask is, ‘How did Nim’s Island get turned into a movie? Well, it’s all because an eight year-old boy needed a book to read on the school holidays. His mum went into their local library in Los Angeles, and saw a brand new book, with a lovely green cover, that no one had taken out yet. That mum was Paula Mazur, a film producer.Image

She decided to read him just the first few paragraphs, and then let him go on by himself –  except that she couldn’t stop because she wanted to know what happened too. So she went on reading, and her eleven year-old daughter came in to listen, and her husband, (and the two fat cats, but I don’t know if they were really listening). And then the next day she wrote and asked me if she could make a film out of the book. And I said yes!

We talked about how a film would be, and then she went to see some studios and asked them if they’d like to make it. Four of them said yes, but she chose Walden Media because they specialise in making films for children and families. 

It was the start of an exciting time. I had written lots of books, but I’d never worked on a film script before. I learned a lot through working on the first two drafts of the screenplay with Paula Mazur and Joe Kwong, another screenwriter. (Later I was very surprised when Joe said he’d learned a lot from working with me! I guess every time we work with somebody else, we all learn things, because we often know more than we think we did.) Image

But it took 5 years between saying yes and seeing a film. I’ll tell you more about the filming next time. 

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