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The Phoenix Files: Arrival by Chris Morphew

What would you do if you found out there were only 100 days until the end of the world?

When Luke and his mum move to the town of Phoenix, out in the middle of nowhere, Luke knows straight away that something isn’t quite right about the place.  There are no cars, no phones and no internet.  All the houses look the same and the only way to get around the town is to walk or bike.  The town was especially built by the Shackleton Cooperative, the mysterious company that offered Luke’s mum a job, and their security officers roam the streets.  A coded message brings Luke together with Peter and Jordan, and when they decipher the message they realise they’re in serious danger.  Someone is plotting to wipe out the human race in 100 days and Phoenix suddenly becomes the safest and most dangerous place on earth.  When Luke discovers a note in his backpack inviting them to a secret meeting at the Phoenix Airport, they hope that they’ll get some answers.  However, their meeting at the airport gives them more questions than answers and as they hunt for information about Phoenix and the deadly plans, the more dangerous it becomes for them in the town.

Arrival is the first book in the action-packed, heart-stopping Phoenix Files series.  It’s one of those books that you just have to keep reading to find out what happens.  It grabs you from the very first page and doesn’t let you go until the end.  You’re left with lots of unanswered questions about Phoenix and the Shackleton Cooperative, but this just makes you want to go and pick up the next book straight away.  Luckily there are 4 books already released (and in the library) of this 6 book series so I can read them all before Fallout gets released next year.  The Phoenix Files are perfect for those who like mystery, adventure and suspense, or books about secret agencies and the end of the world.  If you like Michael Grant’s Gone series, then you’ll love The Phoenix FilesRecommended for 12+    10 out of 10

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What a terrible week!

First there was the dismal display by the Black Caps.  Then I’m on the top floor of Central Library when we had a bit of a shake.

I recover from that and then watch Canterburys game.  Held try-less by Waikato to loose 26-6.  I think we are missing our All Blacks.  The Phoneix continued their terrible away record losing 3-0 to Adelaide United at Hindmarsh Stadium.

Never mind, there is still the Four Nations.  The Junior Kiwis lost to the Junior Kangaroos in the curtain raiser 16-24.   Thats ok  we should clean up the Poms.  Well we did, 24-10 but what huge price to pay.  Manu Vatuvei broke his arm in the 3rd minuate.  He hadn’t even had a run!  Junior Sa’u took over Manu’s wing and played well but I just love watching the Beast play.  Sam Perrett will replace Manu for the rest of the season.  He has also had a great season but doesn’t have the height or strength of the ‘The Beast’.  The Kangaroos play Papua New Guinea today at 5pm.  The curtain raiser is Tonga v Samoa.  That should be a game worth watching.  Keep an eye ouot for Ukuma Ta’ai.  He turned down the chance of a Kiwi jersey to turn out for his native Tonga.  What do you think of the Four Nations so far.  Will it be a Kangaroo Kiwi final.  I’m hoping so.

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