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The Kane Chronicles: The Serpent’s Shadow Book Trailer

The Serpent’s Shadow, the final book in Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles is out now.  You can reserve your copy at the library.  If you haven’t read this amazing series, featuring Egyptian gods and monsters, get the first book The Red Pyramid.

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Egyptian Gods – who’s who?

Rick Riordan’s new book, The Red Pyramid, features a few different Egyptian gods so I thought it might help to have an introduction to the major ones that show up in the book:

  • Ra – the sun god and greatest of all gods who was thought to be the creator of both gods and mortals.
  • Osiris – brother and husband of Isis and father of Horus.
  • Isis – sister and wife of Isis, and also a powerful sorceress.
  • Horus – god of the sky and son of Osiris and Isis.
  • Set (also known as Seth) – god of chaos, confusion and storms. Also the jealous brother of Osiris.
  • Bast (also known as Bastet) – goddess of cats and daughter of Ra.
  • Thoth – god of writing and knowledge and a god of the Underworld.
  • Anubis – god of the Underworld and in charge of tombs and mummification.

If you want to know more about Egyptian mythology and the gods that feature in them you could try these books:

Or try these websites:

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Ancient Egyptian gods rise again in The Red Pyramid

Percy Jackson fought Greek gods and now Carter and Sadie Kane battle to keep the Egyptian gods from taking over the world in Rick Riordan’s new series, The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid is the first book in the new series and it’s totally awesome!  Brother and sister, Carter and Sadie Kane have lived apart since their mother died when they were young.  Carter travels the world with his dad who’s a brilliant Egyptologist, and Sadie lives with her grandparents in London.  When their dad destroys the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum, he releases some dangerous Egyptian gods that have been trapped for centuries.  Set, the god of chaos, traps Carter’s dad in a gold tomb and Carter and Sadie have to run for their lives.  To save their dad, they must defeat Set and his minions.   Along the way they are helped by some powerful gods who help them discover the truth about their family and unlock the magic inside them.  

I love the way that Rick Riordan creates a story around myths and legends and The Red Pyramid left me wanting to know more about Egyptian myths and legends.  He makes the gods seem cool, particularly Anubis (even though he’s the god of the underworld). The Red Pyramid is exciting, action packed, and the perfect book for those who loved the Percy Jackson series.  I can’t wait for the next one in the series!   10 out of 10

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The Red Pryamid by Rick Riordan

I think the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan is a really cool book because there are lots and lots of gods from Ancient Egypt.  There is a girl called Sadie and a boy called Carter.Their dad is a scientist called Dr Kane.  Find out what happens to them as they dodge obstacles and swerve around gods from Ancient Egypt.

by Juliette

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More great book trailers

Wyrmeweald: Returner’s Wealth by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell – The first in the new series by the creators of The Edge Chronicles.

The Red Pyramid, Book One of The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, creator of Percy Jackson.

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