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Smile by Raina Telgemeier

Smile is a graphic novel about an eleven-year-old girl called Raina, who trips over one night after Girl Scouts, and knocks out her front teeth.  She gets a cast to help them mend, but her teeth just get pushed up further than the rest, resulting in Raina looking like a vampire. After that, Raina sees numerous dentists, orthodontists, and other dentists that she had never even heard of, and gets a heap of casts, braces, retainers, and embarrassing headgear. As if that wasn’t enough, Raina has to endure not-so friendly friends, confusing boys, high school horrors, and a major earthquake! Eventually, Raina makes a whole heap of friends, and discovers her inner artist, but will she be able to smile again? I found it very interesting, reading about Raina being in a huge earthquake. It was very accurate! I thought that the pictures were very good, and that the book was very funny. My favourite part is when Raina gets her ears pierced, and I also like the bit where she has the sleepover. This is definitely a book for girls, from about 10 to 13.  I usually don’t like graphic novels, but Smile is a huge exception.

By Tierney, 11.

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