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Spook’s Nightmare book trailer

The Spook’s Nightmare by Joseph Delaney is due out in August so reserve your copy now.  But BEWARE – they’re not to be read after dark!

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Writing Tip of the Week – Joseph Delaney

This week’s writing tip comes from Joseph Delaney, author of the spine-tingling Spook’s Apprentice and other books in the Wardstone Chronicles including his latest book, The Spook’s Nightmare.  Joseph tells us the inspirations for his books and where ideas come from.

The ideas for my books come from nightmares, dreams and day-dreams which I always jot down lest I forget them. Sometimes I’m inspired by the things that people say or do or a piece of town or countryside I see whilst out walking. I do more ‘writing’ in my head than I ever do on paper or type into my computer.

Check out Joseph Delaney’s creepy Spooks website to find out more about the author and his books.

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