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Cauliflower Ears by Bill Nagelkerke – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Fouled

The Reds scored another try in the first half but missed the conversion, so the half time score was twelve to seven. We were feeling pretty down, even though Mr Marlow was pleased enough with us.

‘You’ve had a lot of ball possession,’ he said. ‘You’re doing good. With the wind behind you, you’ll play even better.’

We’d have to play lots better if we were going to win.

The Reds kicked off the second half. Spike’s best friend, Taggart, the Red’s loosehead prop, got to the ball first. He kicked it forward before Chip had a chance to tackle him. Sprigs managed to grab hold of the ball – he’d scrubbed his hands during the half-time break – and now it was our turn to run with it.

Sprigs had a good head start. It looked as if Mr Marlow was right. We might be the first to score points in this half.

Then the Reds bunched up and swooped down on Sprigs from all sides. Their heavy forward pack was one of the most dangerous in the Junior Home World Cup. If Sprigs had had eyes in the back of his head, man, he’d have been dead scared right then. Grubber might have wet himself if he’d been the one holding the ball!

Taggart was angry that his kick hadn’t worked out the way he’d planned it. It was obvious that he was after Sprigs, big time.

I was the closest Green to Sprigs.

‘To me!’ I yelled.

Sprigs already had it sussed. He passed me the ball from mid-field. It was the prefect pass, great height, angled back just enough, and my hands reached out to grab it, sweet as, and I ran with it.

Then the ref blew his whistle and the ball went dead.

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Cauliflower Ears by Bill Nagelkerke – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Countdown

Five minutes to kick-off.

I checked the sidelines as we got into our positions. Yep, I could see Dad, and Mum had arrived as well. Choice! I’d been worried her plane would have been delayed by bad weather. They’ve both always come to watch me play and I was glad, and relieved, that today wasn’t going to be any different.

Sprigs checked his boot laces one last time. The new one looked much too clean compared with the old, so Sprigs poked his fingers into the soggy grass and dirtied the fresh lace until he couldn’t tell the difference between the old and the new. Now he felt a lot more confident, except his fingers were wet and dirty and slippery, and it was too late to clean them.

Grubber tested his stomach by cautiously poking it.

Butterflies gone?


He held his hand over his heart again.

Flip-flop drumming stopped?


Lips moist?


He felt perfectly fine.

That was the way it always happened. As soon as a match was about to begin he became instantly better. Full of confidence. Couldn’t wait to start.

He wished he was like that before a game, too. If he was, chances were his dad would worry less about him playing. It was too bad.

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Rugby read #1 – Bootsie: You’re 8 by Mike James

With only 5 weeks to go until the Rugby World Cup kicks off, we want to share some rugby reads with you.  If you love rugby and reading, then these books are for you.  This week’s Rugby Read is Bootsie: You’re 8 by Mike James.

Bootsie is a boy who loves rugby.  He hasn’t always been called Bootsie, but his team mates used this nickname for him when he first started playing rugby and it just stuck (even his parents call him Bootsie).  He is desperate for his team, the South’s Bulldogs, to get into the finals of the under 11 rugby union competition.  But first they have to face the Eastern Warriors, the South East Cats, then the dreaded Western Rebels.

The Bootsie books are perfect for anyone who’s rugby mad.  You follow Bootsie and his team through each of their games and experience the excitement and nerves on their journey to the finals.  As well as a great story, you’ll learn all about the positions, rules of the game and strategies.  There are also 3 other Bootsie books that you can check out – Number 2, The Schoolboy and The King.    Recommended for 7+

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