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The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome

The Billionaire’s Curse is one of my favourite adventure books.  You can find out about the book here on the blog.

For more adventure books, check out the adventure books Reading Crusade Challenge.

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Richard Newsome on The Billionaire’s Curse

If you’re looking forward to meeting Richard Newsome at the launch of the Christchurch Kids Blog next Wednesday, you might like to watch this video of Richard talking about adventures,  Bear Grylls, his characters and The Billionaire’s Curse.

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Join the race to The Emerald Casket

In The Billionaire’s Curse, Gerald became a billionaire, was hunted by a maniac, solved a murder, and only just managed to get out alive.  Now Gerald, Ruby and Sam are back in the second book in Richard Newsome’s brilliant Billionaire Trilogy, The Emerald Casket.

In The Emerald Casket, the three friends take up an invitation from Alisha Gupta to come to India for a well-deserved holiday.  If only they knew what was in store for them in India!  A kidnap attempt on Alisha is only the start of their troubles and sees them mixed-up with a mysterious and deadly cult.  But what is the link between the cult and Gerald’s family?  Gerald’s old enemy, Sir Mason Green is still out there somewhere, looking for the second casket, but Gerald must get to the second casket before him.

Packed with action, adventure, mystery and intrigue, you’ll  love the second part of The Billionaire Trilogy.  To hear Richard talk about the series, come along to the launch of the Christchurch Kids Blog on Wednesday, 8 September from 7pm at Central Library.

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Who is Richard Newsome?

Richard Newsome is another of the fantastic authors that are joining us for the launch of the Christchurch Kids Blog on Wednesday 8 September, 7pm at Central Library.  Richard is an Australian author (although he was born in New Zealand) and his first book, The Billionaire’s Curse was published in 2009 when he won the Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing.

He’s had lots of different jobs before becoming a writer, including a journalist (“he chased after police cars while they chased after bad guys”) and jobs in TV and radio.

He’s written two books in The Billionaire’s Trilogy, The Billionaire’s Curse and The Emerald Casket.  They are both amazingly adventurous stories and I really recommend them.  You can read my review of The Billionaire’s Curse here on the blog.

If you would like to meet Richard Newsome and maybe even get his autograph, come along to the launch of the Christchurch Kids Blog on Wednesday 8 September.

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Steve Cole and Richard Newsome coming to Christchurch

Two awesome authors, Steve Cole and Richard Newsome, are coming to Christchurch in September for the Christchurch Writer’s Festival.  They’re coming here as part of the School’s Read Aloud Programme for the Writer’s Festival and lots of school kids around Christchurch will get the chance to come and listen to them talk about their books and writing, on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 September.   We’re also going to have them in Central Library on Wednesday 8 September at 7pm to help us officially launch the Christchurch Kids Blog, so you can come along and listen to them talk and even get your books signed.

Steve Cole is the author of the hugely popular Astrosaurs series, the Cows in Action series and several books for older readers including Z-Rex and Tripwire (stay tuned for reviews here on the blog).  He used to edit magazines and books but prefers the job of a writer where you can wear pyjamas and eat chocolate all day.  Check out Steve Cole’s awesome website with info about his books, games, and downloads.

Richard Newsome is an Australian author (who was born in New Zealand) whose first book, The Billionaire’s Curse, won the 2008 Text Publishing Prize for Children’s and Young Adult Literature.  The Billionaire’s Curse is the first in the Billionaire Trilogy,  and it’s a fantastic adventure and mystery story that I reviewed on the blog in What would you do with 20 billion dollars? Check out Richard Newsome’s website for more information about the author and his books.

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What would you do with 20 billion dollars?

Cover imageWhat would you do if you inherited 20 billion dollars?  This is exactly what Gerald has to decide when he inherits a fortune from his great-aunt, in Richard Newsome’s exciting, roller-coaster ride of a book, The Billionaire’s Curse.  When Gerald’s great-aunt Geraldine dies suddenly, his family jumps on a private jet and races over to England for the funeral and the all-important reading of her will.  Gerald’s great-aunt leaves him her entire fortune, including houses, cars, her butler and lots and lots of cash.  As if he didn’t have enough to worry about with all that money, Gerald discovers Geraldine was murdered and a very valuable diamond has been stolen from the British Museum.  The two crimes are linked and it’s up to Gerald and his new friends to uncover the truth.  With villains around every corner, who can Gerald trust?

The Billionaire’s Curse is a fast-paced, mystery story with lots of action, creepy characters, booby traps, and close shaves with death.  It’s also the first book in The Billionaire Trilogy so watch out for book 2, The Emerald Casket, in the library soon. Perfect for 11+


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