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And then came book 2… And what a blast it was! Having set up Lazarus with a pretty nasty beginning, this was where I could let things get really out of hand. so I did. This is the blurb: “Lazarus Stone has been killed, resurrected, and attacked by demons. He’s all that stands between our world and the Dead. But things are getting complicated: he’s alone in the land of the Dead, his best mate Craig is missing, and he’s no idea who – or what – tricked his dad into trying to bring back his long-dead mum. Oh, and he’s wearing a corpse’s clothes. Life, he might think, couldn’t get much worse. But it will…” Writing The Dark was a steep learning curve, as most books seem to be. Here though I was seeing just how far and dark I could go, but also wondering all the way if I could sustain Lazarus’s story not just for book 2, but on into book 3.

When I do my school visits I often explain that the best way to think about a story is this: in the first part, get your character into a tree, thus presenting them with a problem – how to get down again. Then, to make the story interesting, it’s my job as a writer to do everything I can to make their journey back to the ground as difficult as possible. So throw stones at them, spears, rockets, try to chop the tree down, burn it, kidnap their family, train a flock of flesh-eating crows to take up residence in the tree…

Essentially, what I’m saying is that to make a story interesting, I have to make sure it’s nigh on impossible for a character to achieve a purpose. So that’s what I do in The Dark: I throw everything I’ve got, and a little bit more, at Lazarus. And through it all he gets stronger, more determined, and we can’t help but want to keep turning the page to find out what happens next…

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A Big Hello from Dave Gatward (V Excited Person Indeed!)

Hello Christchurch! Seriously, this is massively exciting to be the star author for the month. I visited New Zealand a few years back and fell in love with the place. And if my books provide me with an excuse to come back, I’m going to take full advantage of it! So, fingers crossed, we might get to meet… You never know!

Over the next month, I’ll post some bits and bobs about what I’ve written (The Dead, The Dark, The Damned), what I’ve got coming up (Doom Rider), and some other stuff about what I get up to and what weirdness lies within my strange, writing mind.

For now, World Book Day (which is a big lump of awesomeness, isn’t it?) got me thinking. When I do author visits, I like to give the groups I’m working with a chance to just chat about their favourite books. It’s amazing how excited everyone gets! So here’s a challenge: whatever book you’re reading now, tell someone about it. And make sure that in the telling you leave them with no option but to go out and buy a copy for themselves! Books rule. Spread the word.

Dave G (

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March Star Author – David Gatward

Our magnificent March Star Author is British author, David Gatward.  David is the author of three incredibly creepy horror stories called The Dead, The Dark, and The Damned, as well as a stand-alone book called The Cave.

He had his first book published aged 18 but it’s taken many more years and life experiences to lead to writing The Dead. Seeing two ghosts, being mistaken for a homeless person and almost drowning have given David plenty of food for thought, but it’s his family who’ve been a big inspiration. Now living in rural Somerset with his wife and two boys, David writes full-time and hopes to see ghost number three very shortly.

Thanks for joining us David!  We look forward to reading all about you and your books.

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