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Early World of Learning: online fun for little ‘uns !

Who doesn’t like bright pictures, games and great stories? World Book, with advice from early childhood development experts, has produced the Early World of Learning which is aimed at preschoolers and early primary school aged children. There are three fun and interactive learning environments:Early World of Learning

  • Trek’s Travels: learn alongside Trek, a scarecrow, and Taffy the cat, as they travel around learning about colours, numbers, size, shapes, places, taste and smell, opposites and time.  There are also narrated stories and interactive games;
  • Welcome to Reading: features 48 stories in four reading levels. It aims to help strengthen phonics, vocabulary and comprehension skills;
  • Know It: is a child’s first online encyclopedia. All text can be read-aloud by an online narrator and accompanied by word-by-word highlighting.

This fun resource is easy to use, bright and informative in all the right ways. Have a look today from home or in libraries using your library card number and password/PIN. While you are there check out all the other online products we have on the Source for kids!

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Yay for Mothers!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there. I’m a great fan of correct punctuation but I’m never entirely sure where to put the apostrophe in Mothers’ Day. I put it at the end because it’s a day for mothers. Hopefully that’s the right way.

Today I thought I would also let you know about a word game that I started a few years ago. It’s got its own blog called If you go to the website you will see how to play, but here’s the rules in a nutshell. Every few days I put up a new word. It’s a real dictionary word, but it’s not a very common one. The point of the game is to make up wild and wonderful meanings for the word. Don’t look up the real meaning of the word – it can stop the creative flow. I add the real meaning when I choose a new word. So, if you like word games and you’re a little bit crazy and inventive, have a look at that website and have a go at inventing a meaning for the word that’s up there at the moment – cromlech!

Last but not least, don’t forget to suggest the name of a character for my next book! I have one entry so far. But there are four main characters, so there’s still room for your name to be a winner.

Enjoy the weekend.


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Funky Word Friday – accomplice

accomplice (noun)

Pronunciation: uh-com-plis

What does it mean?: one associated with another in wrongdoing.

How do you use it?: The thief’s accomplice warned him that the police were coming.

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Funky Word Friday – banish

banish (verb)

Pronunciation: bann-ish

What does it mean?:

  1. to force to leave a country
  2. to drive away

How do you use it?:  Brian tried to banish his fear as he started to climb the rock face.

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Funky Word Friday – humiliate

humiliate (verb)

Pronunciation: hyoo-mill-ee-ayt

What does it mean?: to cause a loss of pride or self-respect

How do you use it?: My friend humiliated me when he blurted out my embarrassing secret to my parents.

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Funky Word Friday – grotesque

grotesque (adjective)

Pronunciation: groh-tesk

What does it mean?: unnaturally odd or ugly

How do you use it?: Buzz and Woody were horrified by Sid’s creation of a doll’s head on spider-like legs and other grotesque combinations of toy parts.

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Funky Word Friday – cryptic

cryptic (adjective)

Pronunciation: KRIP-tik

What does it mean?:
1. meant to be puzzling or mysterious
2. serving to conceal

How do you use it?:  There were cryptic symbols throughout the ancient book and I had no idea how to interpret them.

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Funky Word Friday – skulduggery

skulduggery (noun)

Pronunciation: skul-dug-gery

What does it mean?: sneaky or dishonest behaviour

How do you use it?: Count Olaf is always up to skulduggery.

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Funky Word Friday – bamboozle

bamboozle (verb)

Pronunciation: bam-boo-zuhl

What does it mean?: deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like; hoodwink perplex; mystify.

How do you use it?: I was bamboozled by how easily my little brother managed to find my secret stash of chocolate.

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Funky Word Friday – smother

smother (verb)

Pronunciation: smuth-er

What does it mean?:

  1. to be overcome through lack of air
  2. to overcome by depriving of air or exposing to smoke or fumes
  3. to prevent the development or actions of; to cover up; to cover thickly

How do you use it?:  I got myself a huge bowl of ice cream and smothered it with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

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Funky Word Friday – shimmer

shimmer (verb)

Pronunciation: shim-ar

What does it mean?: to shine with a wavering light.

How do you use it?: The water shimmered as the sun’s rays bounced off the lake.

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Funky Word Friday – petrify

petrify (verb)

Pronunciation: pe-tra-fi

What does it mean?:

  1. to convert into stone or a stony substance by the penetration of water and the depositing of minerals which were dissolved in the water.
  2. to make lifeless or inactive.
  3. to paralyze with fear, amazement, or awe.

How do you use it?: I was petrified as the huge slobbering dog ran towards me with its teeth barred.

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Funky Word Friday – dazzle

dazzle (verb)

Pronunciation: daz-el

What does it mean?:
1. to overpower with light
2. to impress greatly or confuse with brilliance

How do you use it?: We were dazzled as the fireworks suddenly exploded in the sky.

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Funky Word Friday – vamoose

vamoose (verb)

Pronunciation: vuh-mooss

What does it mean?: to depart quickly

How do you use it?: If we want to get to the movie on time, we’d better vamoose.

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Funky Word Friday – tantalize

tantalize (verb)

Pronunciation: tan-tah-lyze

What does it mean?: to tease or torment by or as if by presenting something desirable to the view but continually keeping it out of reach.

How do you use it?: The photo of the latest football boots in the Rebel Sport catalogue tantalized Matt, but they were just too expensive for him to afford.

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Funky Word Friday – majestic

majestic  (adjective)

Pronunciation: muh-jes-tik

What does it mean?: being stately and dignified or noble

How do you use it?: Aslan looked majestic as he stood on the rock looking out over Narnia.

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Funky Word Friday – odyssey

odyssey – noun

Pronunciation: 0-duh-see

What does it mean?: a long wandering or series of travels

How do you use it?: Frodo had to complete a great odyssey to destroy the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings.

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Funky Word Friday – nemesis

nemesis (noun)

Pronunciation: nem-uh-sis

What does it mean?:

1 a : one that punishes or avenges

b : a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent

2 a : an act or instance of just punishment

b : a source of harm or ruin

How do you use it?: Spiderman’s nemesis, The Green Goblin, came flying through the air straight at him.

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Funky Word Friday

spoof (verb)

Pronunciation: SP-OO-F

What does it mean?: to make good-natured fun of

How do you use it?: The book Nightlight is a spoof of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight.

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Word of the Day – spectacular

spectacular (adjective)

Pronunciation: spek-tak-ya-lar

What does it mean?:

  1. of, relating to, or being a spectacle
  2. exciting to see

How do you use it?: The All Whites scored a spectacular goal to take them into the lead.

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