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Time Freeze

Science fiction grabbed me as a teenager. I was an impatient reader and loved short sci-fi stories packed with ideas. They had cool surprise endings too, like Arthur C Clarke’s All the Time in the World about a man who freezes time; and Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder where an insect changes history. I still treasure my copy of Bradbury’s Golden Apples of the Sun – cost me 65c new in 1970; about an hour’s raspberry picking then.
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle was also great with it’s spiritual physics and the ending when the disembodied alien brain is defeated. It’s the inspiration for a sci-fi novel I’m working on. I like what L’Engle said about writing too:

You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.

I loved sci-fi movies too, like Planet of the Apes (1968, final shot pictured), and movies where scientists battled giant insects – the stop-motion animation so endearing. The monsters often attacked Tokyo so I made this the setting for my latest novel Wings, about bees battling giant hornets.

That’s all for now about the stories that made me. Tune in next blog for some writing tips.

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Adventure! Thrills! Danger!

I’m talking about stories that made me, me. From 8 to 12 years old I loved reading adventures. First it was my hero, Tintin. His stories covered everything: sci-fi, supernatural, humour, history, spies; and all in comic strip style with realistic details. Favourite? Tintin in Tibet because we finally get to know Tintin’s feelings.
Next came Willard Price adventures with dangers from erupting volcanoes to killer anacondas.
Then the ultimate journey – a small hero facing all the forces of evil. The Hobbit and The Rings trilogy kindled my imagination more than any other books. Every detail of Middle Earth was real inside my head. It was, as Tolkien said of fantasy, ‘an escape to a heightened reality- a world at once more vivid and intense.’
When I wrote my first novel, Sting, of course I wanted a very small hero (a bee) who faced gigantic odds  (the human army). And there’s a nod to Gollum’s riddles in Wings.

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October Star Author – Raymond Huber

Our October Star Author is New Zealand author, Raymond Huber.  Raymond has written two fantastic sci-fi fantasy adventure books featuring a brave honey bee called Ziggy, called Sting and Wings.  Before becoming a full-time writer and editor, Raymond had lots of interesting jobs, including working at the Christchurch City Mission, a gardener, an insect research assistant (a bug counter) and a primary school teacher.

Thanks for joining us Raymond!  We look forward to reading all about you and your writing.

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Wings by Raymond Huber

Wings is the sequel to Sting, the action-packed, adventure story about a young honey bee called Ziggy.  In Wings, Ziggy and his bee family travel to Tokyo with their human, Sparkles, to investigate the disappearance of bees all over the city.  In Tokyo they meet Mitsu who shows them around the city and takes Ziggy and his family to try and find out what happened to her sisters.  Along the way they make new friends and have to escape spiders, hornets and humans who want to destroy them.  Will they figure out why the bees are dying and save the day?

Wings is a great sequel to Sting and is once again full of action and adventure.  You don’t need to have read Sting to understand what happens in the story as it’s a stand-alone book.  The story is told from Ziggy’s point of view and he’s a cool character who’s very brave and loyal.  If you like animal or adventure stories you’ll love Wings.   Recommended for 9+  7 out of 10

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Star Guest: Raymond Huber talks about Wings

Wings is another adventure for Ziggy the bee (introduced in Sting). Bees are disappearing in Tokyo and Ziggy discovers something that could destroy all honey bees. He meets angry Giant Hornets, goes underground and is challenged to life and death puzzle game.

I got the idea for Wings when some of my bees died from pesticide poisoning. The bees have to survive in a mega-city with helicopters, bullet trains, motorbikes and lasers. One of my favourite new characters is Fang, a puzzle snake who lives on Mt Fuji.

Visit my website to see more puzzles:

You can look forward to reading more about Raymond’s writing when he is our October Star Author.

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