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Let Me Whisper You My Story by Moya Simons

This is a great new novel by Moya Simons.  Rachel is a young Jewish girl in Leipzig Germany at the time of the Second World War.  After being moved to a ghetto her family are taken away by the Nazis.  Before he leaves Rachel’s father tells her to hide and not to speak.

She is found and taken in by an Aryan family who remember her fathers kindness when he was their doctor.  This is dangerous and there is a lot of tension in the house hold.  Rachel remaining mute throughout doesn’t help.  This is a moving story of a family torn apart by war.  Rachel keeps her family close in her heart by remembering all the Sabbath meals shared with them.  The pace of the book is slow but you keep reading as Rachel’s story is so strong.  You are also hoping that she survives the war and finds her family alive.  This book would appeal to anyone who likes Holocaust stories and would be a good read for children 11+.

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The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound by Sandy Nelson

Cover imageWhat would you do if the ghosts of World War Two were stuck inside your head and wouldn’t leave you alone?  Paddy is an ordinary New Zealand kid who becomes obsessed with a book that he gets from the library about the wrecks of warships sunk in World War Two at Guadalcanal.  This book is special – the ghosts of men who were killed in these battles are trapped inside and they want everyone to remember why they died.  The ghosts call out to Paddy but only he can hear their voices.  Whose voices are they and why are they reaching out to him?  The ghosts tell him he has to ask his grandfather about the battle at Guadalcanal, but his grandfather has never talked about the war so how will Paddy get him to tell him his story?

The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound is a fantastic and unique book about the horrors of war and how it affects people.  The ghosts of the war talking to Paddy is a really interesting way to tell the story and Sandy Nelson makes you really care about what happens to the characters.  This is now one of my favourite war stories.    10 out of 10

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