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Check out our January Star Author – Peter Millett

We have some fantastic authors lined up to be a Star Author this year on the Christchurch Kids Blog.  Our very first Star Author for the year is New Zealand author Peter Millett.

Peter has written two books of fairytales and stories with a Kiwi twist, called Humpty Rugby and The Anzac Biscuit Man. His most recent books are the Boy Zero series about the wild and wacky adventures of Charlie Applejack,  a wannabe hero who’s here to save the world.  If you like superheroes, dastardly villains,  and stories that will have you rolling around on the floor laughing, you’ll love Boy Zero.

Come and find out about Peter’s stories, characters, writing, and much more.

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Move over Zac Power, here comes Battle Boy and Space Scout

If you are obsessed with the Zac Power books you need to read this!  There are two new series that have just started  that are perfect for you if love Zac Power and we’ve just got the first few books in the series. 

Battle BoyBattle Boy is a new series of books, written by Charlie Carter, about BB005 (whose real name is Napoleon) who gets sent back in time to spy on some of the greatest battles in history.  Equipped with some cool gadgets and top-secret information, Napoleon must go back in time and set the record straight.  If your children like spy stories, history stories or adventure stories these books are for them. 

Space ScoutSpace Scout is another new series that’s written by the author behind Zac Power, H. Badger (or H.I. Larry as we know her).  The books are about Kip Kirby and his co-pilot, Finbar, who are scouting the universe for a new Earth that they can call home.  Like the Zac Power books, there are lots of cool diagrams and gadgets throughout the book.  Kip and Finbar journey to weird planets and meet all sorts of weird alien creatures.   There’s also a really cool Space Scout website to check out so you can find out some more information about the books and play games.

You can borrow the first few books in both series from your local library now or if they’re not available you can always request them.

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