Abandon Ship By Shirley Corlett

Debbie always names her diaries and her diary for 1968  was called Julie. Debbie loves reading and when her grandma gave her Debbie’s great great great great grandfather’s diary she was inspired by his life story. while she was reading his diary she found out that he worked in a ship and he looked after the sick children. He also drowned and died on that ship which Debbie as very sad to know. Debbie often had dreams during the night but as much as she tried she could never remember them! Suddenly she had vivid dreams of her great great great great grandfather and they even kept glued to her mind when she woke up in the morning. It was such a coincidence when she was booked to sail on the wahine and her dreams became clearer than ever. Debbie soon figured that her great great great great grandfather was definitely trying to tell her something but what was it and plus what could possibly go wrong?

By Anne

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    Anonymous said,

    Hello my name is Abby and I have to write a biography about the author of this book Shirley Corlett. I was wondering if you have any info about her?

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